BWM Chat at 3sIntel 11-5-12

billuke: BWM what’s the best news you heard in the last day or two about the RV?

BWM: billuke still on a thought process that we have a small time period before I start looking at first of the year… I think Tuesday will at least put us on an answer page we can begin determining some ideas on

HeIsFaithful: BWM are you STILL hopeful? or what?

mcmc: BWM My biggest worry is this will never happen

BWM: HeIsFaithful I know it WILL happen… I just don’t want to worry about “having” to have it happen asn

mcmc: BWM i gave up an asn a long time ago but happy to see you think it will happen someday

TRADEVIPER: Ok I got a question BWM, if China is the backbone to the CE and helping to get it done, why in the debates did both O and R take shots at China

BWM: TRADEVIPER china has their “elections” on the 8th

dietcokeandice: BWM good evening—I have a question—Do you think that with the Ronmey campaign talking about China and the currency it will push this along

BWM: dietcokeandice I think china will do what china wants to do… so while the concerns with import/export and currency values are valid the bigger picture for me is the supposed promised of transference of jobs IF O can win

BWM: as evidenced by the “russian deal” O has many under the table promises that he hopes to add to his little “stash” of political agendas… I won’t get into other opinions about his reasoning

dietcokeandice: BWM Romnedy has a lot to say without saying alot on China and I was wondering if it was me or anyone elee notice his hedging about the currency

dietcokeandice: BWM agreed about Russia

BWM: well guys… should be a lot of political news coming out in the next day… remember, what YOU have to gain or lose from this election and vote accordingly. Speak what you believe and by all means pass it along

WM: well guys… see y’all tomorrow… watch the news… and make sure you understand WHY you are voting for someone…

dietcokeandice: BWM or you under the opinion it is the US or China or IMF that has the supreme idea of the correct time to release all the currencies in the baskets

BWM: dietcokeandice IMF has ultimate responsibility and authority with currencies…

HeIsFaithful: BWM hmm

dietcokeandice: BWM that is what I thought and all the sites sing Legarde praises

dietcokeandice: Where is she now

BWM: dietcokeandice kinda like they always praised shabibi…

oucrazy: And who do the central banks, IMF, and World Bank answer to? Hmmmmmmmm

BWM: dietcokeandice oucrazy look at the voting rights…

dietcokeandice: BWM explain

BWM: dietcokeandice look at who “votes” for IMF procedures… and the percentages they hold…

dietcokeandice: BWM goggle that?

BWM: dietcokeandice hint.. US is about 16%

BWM: GN all… see you tomorrow…

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