Adam Montana Chat 1-11-12

[Adam Montana] Here we go
[Adam Montana] There are a few VERY intelligent questions from the members this week
[Adam Montana] I deleted a few of the repeats
[Adam Montana] and I am going to refrain from commenting on other people’s opinion
[Adam Montana] so if you asked “Hey Adam, what do you think about (Insert Guru)’s opinion?”
[Adam Montana] don’t take it personal
[Adam Montana] I just don’t comment on other comments
[Adam Montana] To make this very easy for you all – I’m just as excited about the Iraqi Dinar today as I was this time last week.
[Adam Montana] We’re on the edge of great news, and it can be hard to be patient – but that’s our only option
[Adam Montana] so, keep the course, don’t get buried in rumors, and let this thing take it’s course
[Adam Montana] that’s enough rambling from me, kcw I’m ready when you are!
[kcw] TonyDownTheShore Adam is it possible that HCL, Budget and chapter 7 could have been done behind the scenes and just waiting for China to broker a deal ? because there are a lot of rumors that China holds the key to the rv.
[Adam Montana] Big, emphatic, capital letters on this one: YES!
[Adam Montana] China is more powerful than many people give them credit for
[Adam Montana] and although China doesn’t have the “key” to the RV, it is extremely likely that the HCL, Budget, and Chapter 7 are intertwined with global factors SUCH AS CHINA
[Adam Montana] very intelligent question, thank you!
[Adam Montana] I am keeping an eye on China/Iraq related news for this very reason
[Adam Montana] next please

[kcw] jbrimeyer Adam, What is your say on this. The 5/3rd bank in ******* Illinois has informed us that they will no longer be selling or cashing in iraqi dinars. Their corporate office decided to wash their hands of them. What do you make of this?
[Adam Montana] I don’t see any reason to give it too much thought
[Adam Montana] quite honestly, I’m sure they are tired of taking calls from people asking their tellers when they expect the RV to be announced
[Adam Montana] and from a business standpoint, it makes sense to publicly announce that they don’t want anything to do with the Dinar
[Adam Montana] in other words, they are saying “Stop wasting our time until the RV actually happens. Would you like to buy a CD at .0001% interest instead?”
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] cricket10 hello Adam! Its so hard to understand, from one day to the next, with conflicting news reports coming out daily, what is really getting done. Are we still close or have things taken steps backwards again? I know not all news is the truth, but its getting harder to seperate fact and fiction. Thank you for your insight.
[Adam Montana] hey Cricket, thanks for the question
[Adam Montana] conflicting news out of Iraq is nothing new, and it’s never going to stop
[Adam Montana] to answer your question
[Adam Montana] we are indeed closer
[Adam Montana] and I don’t see anything that says we are backsliding
[Adam Montana] of course – if you look for the negatives, you can find them
[Adam Montana] but a realistic “big picture” analysis of the situation tells me we are still on track
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] Hawaii 50 HI Adam! SO …why so many conflicting stories coming out of Iraq? Is this the Start of The Rv process to confuse everyone before it is really dropped?
[Adam Montana] Shoot! I thought I deleted all the duplicates.
[Adam Montana] see my previous answer
[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] jon29 Hello Adam, Hope you are having a great day. My question is about the Revaluation and Iraq’s ability to back this. In your opinion, with Iraq’s current income, the anticipated 900k barrels of oil production per day, and their annual fiscal budget and commitments, are they able to support a Revaluation of their currency if there are several trillions of dinar in circulation? Thank you in advance for your thoughts and comments.

[Adam Montana] I don’t like it when people answer a question with a question, but I’m going to do it anyway
[Adam Montana] the US has almost trillions of dollars in debt
[Adam Montana] how are we able to maintain the value of the USD with all that debt?
[Adam Montana] it’s money we owe, which must be paid, right?
[Adam Montana] most lopsters hate this argument… because they are assuming and arguing that when you take your dinars to cash in, the banks won’t be able to give you a wheelbarrow full of USD or other cash
[Adam Montana] therefore the RV is impossible, right?
[Adam Montana] WRONG.
[Adam Montana] that argument is flawed because they don’t have to give you a bucket of cash
[Adam Montana] they credit it to your account in digital form
[Adam Montana] hope that helps, although I know the lopsters don’t want to hear it
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] Ateam How many readings have taken place on the HCL law? Also, is there not going to be anymore discussion on Ch. 7 until June?
[Adam Montana] unfortunately only 1 reading as of today
[Adam Montana] and they have said nothing further would be discussed until June
[Adam Montana] but again, look at all the conflicting stories
[Adam Montana] and use your own judgment
[Adam Montana] do you REALLY think they are going to ignore Chapter 7, or the HCL, if they are truly intent on revaluing their currency?
[Adam Montana] I do not care what that one article said – if they are going to RV, they are going to address Chapter 7 and the HCL before June.
[Adam Montana] end of story.
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] hbrill61 Adam,I have seen it said that Kuwait may be holding up this RV due to the debt that Iraq owes them….I would think they would want to receive reparations with the Iraqi dinar as it stands now…then encourage an RV…where am I going wrong with this line of thinking?
[Adam Montana] Kuwait definitely wants to keep Iraq under their thumb for as long as possible!
[Adam Montana] you are correct to see that angle
[Adam Montana] Kuwait held things up for a long time
[Adam Montana] and Kuwait used to hold the biggest vote when it came to keeping Iraq under Chapter 7
[Adam Montana] but in the last few years
[Adam Montana] we’ve seen Kuwait come to the table with the same arguments
[Adam Montana] and the UN is not giving them the same consideration as they used to
[Adam Montana] which means Iraq is much closer to being out from under all Chapter 7 sanctions IN SPITE of Kuwait’s resistance
[Adam Montana] great observation
[Adam Montana] next please
[kcw] winterset With 44 percent of the Iraq oil exports to Asia, do you see any relevance with China having any influence over this RV? January 23 is the Chinese New Year maybe thats our day Thanks Adam for all your great info, can hardly wait til wednesday’s.
[Adam Montana] already answered the China question
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] countryroads Hi Adam. I have a question that is probably a trivia question, but it has had me curious for quit a while. The question is: most countries that put an image of a person on their money, the image is usually of someone important. So who is this person in the turban on the dinar?
[Adam Montana] i love this question! I actually wondered the same thing many years ago
[Adam Montana] the guy was actually a physicist
[Adam Montana] If you’re referring to the 10k note
[Adam Montana] who thought he could control the NILE river
[Adam Montana] when he realized he was wrong, he tried to disappear from the public eye by feigning madness
[Adam Montana] that’s your trivia fact for the day
[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] redsand Giants vs. Packers AGAIN. Scared?

[Adam Montana] a little
[Adam Montana] next please!
[kcw] waitingondinar Hi Adam, with the recent purchases of De la Rue machines (10 of them) and the ordering of the 16+ fighter jets, don’t the Iraqi’s need to get this RV going pretty quickly? Also, Visa cards were issued to the Iraqis which are recognized internationally. Doesn’t that also make a good case to get the RV going NOW??
[Adam Montana] One word: yes!
[Adam Montana] I could go on and on about this one, but we’re keeping chat short… so NEXT!
[kcw] Shick with all the latest news that’s circulating adam, can you make this road a little reasuring to us investors and self? This trip is getting a little bumpy. Peace! God bless you and family
[Adam Montana] Shick, I understand the concern… but I don’t think it’s any bumpier than at any time in history
[Adam Montana] in fact, it’s a lot smoother lately than ever before in my opinion
[Adam Montana] it’s actually QUIET out there lately, compared to years past!
[Adam Montana] so if it’s any consolation… I’m very happy with the current news and overall picture
[Adam Montana] Iraq is moving forward at a very steady pace and I’m happy with that.
[Adam Montana] (I’d be happier with an RV tomorrow, but I know I must be patient)
[Adam Montana] that was the last one! Thank you all for the great respect, I hope you are having a great year so far, and if someone could get a note to Iraq and let them know they can go ahead with the RV now… that would be great
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