Adam Montana Chat 4-5-12

[Adam Montana] Howdy everyone! I know the Wednesday Q&A is late, please put down the tar and feathers. Thanks for being flexible with my schedule

[Adam Montana] I’ve seen a few people mention that I’m not delivering much exciting news lately, and it’s 100% true. It’s also 100% GOOD in my opinion, for what I’m sure is an obvious reason to many of you

[Adam Montana] it’s because so much good has ALREADY happened, that there simply isn’t anything much left to get excited about! Iraq has already overcame 99.9% of the hurdles that they needed to get over.

They’ve accomplished what they need to accomplish, and it’s now “poop or get off the pot” time.

[Adam Montana] Now, until they make that move I could spend 5 hours a day in the chat room, but without any news to share I really don’t envision myself doing that
[Adam Montana] Until I have great news to share, my chats will probably be short and to the point

[Adam Montana] so, at this time we’re looking for the SAME THINGS AS LAST WEEK: HCL, Chapter 7, RV. It’s really that simple.

[Adam Montana] I believe we have some Q’s to go through! kcw, I’m ready when you are

[kcw] cgbrown Well it is obvious that we did not see a RV in March…. so when is our next window of opportunity??? What hurdles are still before us before reaching the finish line on this investment???

[Adam Montana] I’m still sticking to my “now to September” timeline. :tiphat:
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[kcw] Sun Devil Adam – You were pretty confident last week when you said “the lopsters will be eating crow soon”. Has that sentiment changed?

[Adam Montana] Nope, it has not changed. I do not think the lobsters wil be vindicated, I think they will be proven wrong by the once again wealthy Iraq, and I believe they will pull a lot of that wealth out of thin air by RESTORING value to their currency.

The CBI has the power to do it, and I think they will do it soon. :twocents:
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[kcw] Firedawg Adam, With all of the conflicting news stories out there could this be the mis-information stage right before it pops?

[Adam Montana] I’ve felt that was the case for the last couple years, but I think you’re right – it is getting more and more contradictory and I believe they will use a lot of misdirection right before it pops.
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[kcw] juan martinez What impact, if any will our Presidential election have on the timing of an RV?

[Adam Montana] I think the US has given Iraq as much help as we are going to, now it’s time for us to be repaid. With that said, I don’t think our elections will impact the timing, but I do think we will benefit from it when it happens, even if it’s after the elections.
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[kcw] BeringSea If this re-dominates before it revalues, do you know when that will happen by (just the rd part)? From reading the news articles my best guess is from Sept 2012 to Jan 2013, though I don’t know for sure. Appreciate it. Hoping very much for the rv before the rd, though also know this is just speculative

[Adam Montana] My guess is exactly as yours is. Cheers
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[kcw] choeschen Your last chat you said it makes sense for this to RV and then RD. If it does RV and then RD before I cash in do you think my large notes will be honored at face value and then taken out of circulation or will my large notes be honored at the lower denomination (25,000 = 25)?

[Adam Montana] well, if they impose a cash in time window, you will know then. If there is no window, and there is an RV before the RD, then your 25,000 note would be worth 25,000 at a 1:1 rate.

Of course we don’t know what the rate will be, so that part is debatable. IF they just do a straight l0p, then most likely your 25,000 would only be worth 25 if they do a full 000 l0p

[Adam Montana] the only way your note wouldn’t be honored at face value is with the l0p. However, we’ve all seen the articles that state they want to raise the value, and l0pping does not raise the value
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[kcw] edbeach Adam Good Morning We have had a lot of good news come out last couple months now. ….My question is if this would RV low under dollar is there IMF ruling thats states only rv every 90 days & up to 2% only.

[Adam Montana] There is no ruling or law that states that. There have been instances where that was done with certain currencies, but the situation was different than what we have here. These things are done on a case-by-case basis
[Adam Montana] good question though. Next please!

[kcw] rope Topic in chat is 2012 Budget Posted in Gazette April 1, 2012. What stage does this put us in?

[Adam Montana] it puts us in the “hurry up and wait” stage 😆

[Adam Montana] Regardless of what THIS budget says, since they haven’t RV’d yet the posted budget could be just temporary.

If you walk into a casino and win a million bucks, your personal budget would change drastically. Same goes here. :twothumbs:
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[kcw] adlon Adam, do you have an opinion on Ali having established a bank in Iraq (presuming this is fact not rumor). It also appears that Ali has become more active in posting on the net his opinions regarding the dissemination of misinformation

[Adam Montana] This is a funny question, because that rumor has been going around for years. Now that he’s starting to come back into the public eye, it’s floating around. I don’t know for sure, but I do know that when this rumor first started, it was debunked.
[Adam Montana] But to answer your question:

[Adam Montana] If Ali has made enough money to start a bank, I say “good for him”. However, Ali has nothing to do with Iraq’s decision to improve the value of their currency.

He can’t influence it, he can’t vote on it, and one more bank in the world isn’t the deciding factor in this ride.
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[kcw] scottch Adam, if the RV comes out at .10 and then goes up like you said, would it be a good idea just cash in at the .10 or hold what we have and wait?

Or should I cash in and reinvest in the smaller denoms and wait for it to go up? Just want to know if the value of the larger denoms will be going down, like IQD 25,000 to IQD 25?

[Adam Montana] that depends 1000% on what Iraq mandates that we do. If they put a window on cashing in, we can’t fight it. If they don’t, then I hope we are able to hold our notes until the value peaks and then cash in for face value.

If we can’t do either of those, then we do whatever Iraq allows us to do. I guess what I’m saying is we can’t commit to any plan yet, but after the RV I suggest you do whatever is most profitable.
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[kcw] catone Hi Adam –First of all, thanks for all you do for us. Second is my question — kind of an “addendum” to “rope’s” above…..I read the article posted in the Gazette regarding the budget, and it indeed, has been posted.

The question I have is that once this has happened, it has always been my understanding that the RV HAD to be imminent, or already done. I also read a “blurb’ on Bloomberg that “Iraq had re-valued their currency.”

Is it possible that this has happened, but for whatever reason the world is being kept in the dark about it? And, if so, WHY, in your opinion, would they not release the information globally?

[Adam Montana] If the decision has been made, it could only be kept internal for a very short time… there’s no way they could keep that one under wraps.

In my opinion, since we have not seen the HCL or Chapter 7 finished, it’s very unlikely that the RV has happened. I’m also betting that when it’s officially released, it will be worldwide in a very short time, and will not be done as an in-country thing.
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cw] jas428 Could you comment on the articles that say the new denoms will be out in Sept., VS. The articles that state the new denoms will be out in 2013?

Obviously there can be no RV until the new denoms are out but I question those two specific dates, as they are consistently used in dozens of articles.

[Adam Montana] As usual, Iraq is contradicting itself and I only believe half of what I read from them. It’s a coin flip to determine which half I believe.
[Adam Montana]
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[kcw] idplzr Adam, what are your thoughts on the Kurds stopping their oil production? It seems to me this a good tool to use as leverage?

[Adam Montana] My thoughts: Yes, could be a good tool but it’s already backfiring on them
[Adam Montana] I don’t think it’s going to last long, but if they are using this to put pressure on the powers that be – good for them. Just don’t be foolish about it
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[kcw] cashman54 Adam, what are the chances the girls I have been chatting with from the advertisements on this site are as good looking as shown? I think I am in love

[Adam Montana] slim to none. 😆
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[kcw] FloridaEd Adam, thanks for all the time and effort you put in. I seem to remember that either the IMF or UN regulations mandating that a country can only issue new currency every 10 years. Is it possible that’s what is going to happen?

[Adam Montana] There is no law that states this. In fact, Kuwait changed currencies several times within a short period.

[Adam Montana] ok everyone! That was the last question. Thanks for your patience, kcw and the mod TEAM thanks for all you do around here!

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