Adam Montana Chat 9-12-12

Max asks, “Is Adam related to Joe Montana?” Go back inside Max. What in the world does that have to do with the RV?

[Adam Montana] Good topic. My hat off and my solemn thoughts and prayers for those whose lives were needlessly lost 11 years ago

[Adam Montana] now to the current state of the Dinar!

[Adam Montana] The current situation in Libya is going to cause delays. There’s no two ways around it. If it weren’t for the events over the last 24 hours in Libya, I would probably be holding my breath right now waiting to send out that RV email… but it’s just not going to happen until we know how this issue will play out

[Adam Montana] I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but as always – I’m not here to bring balloons and cake, I’m here to tell you the facts as we know them this is not a dampener, it’s not a game changer, it’s just a delay… so don’t jump out a window or anything

[Adam Montana] ok, so now that the bad news is out of the way – let’s do some Q&A! We have some good ones this week.

[kcw] vanilla wafer Adam: In your chat last week you seemed just as disappointed as we are that there has not been an RV. In your research and meetings with your contacts this past week do you anticipate an RV before the end of the year? I’m not even asking for an RV amount, just want this loooong term investment to happen.

I like many others have been waiting approximtely 8 years and as any normal person we get kind of ancy the closer it gets down to the wire. What I’ve come to appreciate about you is you say a whole lot without saying a lot; you make us think and draw our own conclusions; and you never make false promises or blow smoke up our behinds. Come On RV ! ! ! Vanilla Wafer

[Adam Montana] Up until this morning, I would have had a different answer… at this time, I still see a possibility before the end of the year, but we have to let the situation in Libya blow over and then re-evaluate.

[Adam Montana] I’m positive that even if they had planned on announcing a major revaluation TOMORROW, it would have been put on the shelf for a few days.

[Adam Montana] with any luck, that’s exactly what is happening, and we will see a quick turnaround… but I don’t have an exact guess. I’m going to keep an eye on things and give an opinion as things develop

[Adam Montana] Again, hopefully this is something that blows over quickly, but we have to be realistic – Libya is a major part of the Middle East, and a significant RV is going to be a balancing act of EPIC proportions – they need to go into this when the waters are calm, not during a storm

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] – TexasMike1958 Hi Adam… Thank you for your hard work. I am curious about Talabani. He has been out of the country and this whole situation seems to be getting out of hand. When is he supposed to come back home to Iraq??? Why has he been gone so long. Once he returns, will he be able to get the RV train moving again??? – disciple7 Adam, there has been alot of hype lately about Talabani’s return, in your opinion is Talabani’s return truly significant to this investment? Thank you for your time..

[Adam Montana] disciple7, thank you as well for the question

[Adam Montana] Talabani is an important part of the current Iraqi situation, so I do believe it is important that he be present for the RV announcement and resulting changes but I don’t see him as the “catalyst”.

[Adam Montana] In order for this to be successful, the waters need to be fairly calm and ducks need to be in a row. From what we can all see and what many of us are hearing from contacts both local and overseas… we are extremely close! But we still need those calm waters.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] waitingondinar Hi Adam, I was reading on AKNEWS and noticed this article “10/09/2012 18:53 By Joel Wing*In June 2012, the Fraser Institute issued its latest report on investment in oil and gas around the world. The paper was based upon a survey of several hundred executives from the hydrocarbon industry. Iraq ranked near the bottom in almost every category. This souring of opinion on Iraq is quite a change as… What are your thoughts on this news and a proposed RV? To me it looks like things are souring in Iraq. Thanks

[Adam Montana] With the current situation as it is in Iraq – they deserve low marks!

[Adam Montana] but that’s only based on the current situation – how much can they currently produce, export, control. Not how much they could POTENTIALLY produce. We are looking at a kid who is getting bad grades because he’s not going to class… but we all know this kid is a genius and once we get him to his desk, he’s going to blow the lid off the normal marks (or she, whichever you prefer :lol:)

[Adam Montana] But to comment on the article you read – that’s only one article. kcw just pointed out another article to me a moment ago that shows a MUCH different story. In fact, this article shows how strong Iraq can be and even more convincing – it shows us that major companies are still investing in Iraq’s future, specifically Iraq’s future with the HCL!!!

[Adam Montana] If you read that article, you’ll see that even the Rothschilds are involved in Iraq’s future. As I mentioned in our other chatroom at NDC… anyone with half a brain should understand that if THEY are involved in Iraq, it’s probably a good bet. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] Rafa10s Hi Adam…somewhere in the thousands of posts read over the past year, I remember a Nov. 16th retirement date for Dr. Shabbibi…is that correct? If so, one would think he’d like to complete what was started back in 2003 with a tidy little RV before that date. Any thoughts on that event? I know in Iraq, nothing is solid, as in that date could be pushed to 2013, or 2014. One other thing, it seems a bunch of articles allude to the CBI not being ready until 2013 or 2014…is that just smoke iyo? Thanks bud…Rafa10s (K-State alum…Jordy Nelson’s school!)

[Adam Montana] I think Shabibi is just as likely to keep a retirement promise as Brett Favre.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] flyguy2323 Adam I heard the other day that some of the Wells Fargo’s had their staff come in on Labor Day to get trained on the new Del la Rue machines, and that they thought it was going to happen last month. I was just wondering if you had heard anything like that as well. Thanks for your time, and as always go Dinar!!!

[Adam Montana] Sorry flyguy, I can’t confirm or deny that.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] Sitkadoc Hi Adam–hope all is well with you and crew. Recently I have read some talk about investing in the ISX through a brokerage firm in Iraq and have also read less than encouraging news from others about their experience with the Warka Bank. Realizing that you do not make any specific referrals or recommendations, I would appreciate any comments you might have about the wisdom or appropriateness of such a move (investing through an Iraqi brokerage)?. Thanks for your committment and wisdom in these matters. Sitkadoc

[Adam Montana] Sitkadoc, that’s a great question

[Adam Montana] Here’s the logic I apply to the situation. If the Iraqi Dinar is like a penny stock, and that stock goes up, then the supporting companies are also going to go up… perhaps exponentially.

[Adam Montana] In that case, it makes a lot of sense to invest in the companies that will benefit from the RV, a higher valued Dinar, and a more successful Iraq

[Adam Montana] on the other side of the coin, there is no insurance in Warka, we can’t accurately determine how stable they are, and if you use a “brokerage firm” in Iraq you are wiring money to someone you’ve never met and most likely uses a Yahoo account.

[Adam Montana] Are they legit? I know some of them are. Am I comfortable recommending them to anyone? Nope! Again, there’s another side of the coin… Is ADAM invested in the ISX and Warka? You bet! :lol I have done my research, decided how much I am comfortable putting into a risky situation, and I am happy with my decision.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] DinarBlessings… Greetings Adam, As investors preparing for post-RV financial decisions, we seek to enhance our Dinar investment education while avoiding inaccurate “rumor mill” sources. Since we consider DinarVets to be the PREMIER resource for recommendations, your answers to the following questions would greatly benefit us and hopefully others as well: 1. To whom do you turn for REPUTABLE and NEWSWORTHY Iraqi / Middle East media outlets/websites for reliable information, assuming they exist?

2. If so, can you provide links to Iraqi / Middle East news media resources (print or video) which you would recommend to provide TRUSTWORTHY and INFORMATIVE Intel to enhance our education on the Nation of Iraq, its banking, currency, progress / plans, and future projects? Adam, thank you for your valuable time to answer our questions.

[Adam Montana] DinarBlessings, your question is a good one… unfortunately, there is no good answer.

[Adam Montana] ALL of the news that comes out of Iraq must be questioned. As you read above, we have two very conflicting articles on Iraq’s potential with the HCL – one very poor, one very good, and BOTH come from reputable sources!

[Adam Montana] With that said, I try to read as much as possible, take it all with a grain of salt, and form my opinions based on what I believe to be accurate, rather than listen to the opinions or propaganda out there.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] cricket10 Hello Adam and thank you so much for everything. My question is what percent would you give a chance of the RV happening this month? There are circumstances causing me, as well as many others, to need this happen. Thany You

[Adam Montana] I’m not putting a percentage on it – we could all use an RV, who wouldn’t benefit from extra cash? I don’t know who among you know this, but I am a man of faith… I don’t talk about it here because I don’t feel it is the correct place to do so. But this question… I can’t help but say that anyone who “needs” an RV should not be looking to Iraq for salvation. :twocents:

[Adam Montana] Don’t take that the wrong way, of course. I know many people are in need… ah, I’ll just let it go at that.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] Francie26 Hello, Adam. I am concerned about Iran and the possibility of a nuclear weapon, and that concern has grown stronger when I feel that, in our own Oval Office, no one is home. Also it appears that Netanyahu is either attempting to force a response from Obama or is trying to lay the groundwork for taking out Iran’s nuclear facility(s) with or without American support. Netanyahu has been reported as saying that, to get Obama to give him American support, he has to force Obama’s hand before our election. Three questions: 1.) Where does this possible “clash of titans” leave an RV? 2.) What impact would such an event have on Iraq? 3.) Might this be an event, after which all bets are off regarding an RV?

[Adam Montana] Iran is indeed a major point of concern. At this time, they are just something to keep an eye on. I truly wish our government, the UN, heck – the entire world – would take them as serious as you and I do, but you know what they say…

[Adam Montana] “Wish in one hand and (do something else in the other) and see which one fills up first”

[Adam Montana] *shrug*

[Adam Montana] luckily they aren’t causing problems at this time. Give Iraq a release from Chapter 7, resolve HCL, let them stand on their own two feet. That is the ONLY way this will ever be resolved

[Adam Montana] next please!

[kcw] DiveDeepSix Since you are a Pack fan Adam, I’d imagine you would be a Badger fan as well, and seeing how I’m a Husker fan, I’d say after last weekend we both SUCK!!! But hey we have an RV coming soon to a theater near you hopefully soon! Thanks for all you do bud no questions!

[Adam Montana] Bucky’s my buddy! Sorry about them Huskers… but in defense of the entire NFL, I think the refs suck more than any one team in particular at this time! Should be an entertaining (and disappointing/grueling) next couple of weeks

[Adam Montana] Ok, that was it! I’ll be keeping an eye on the situation, and I’ll be updating as I know more

[Adam Montana] as always… GO RV!!!!

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