Adam Montana Chat 9-19-12

[adam montana] first off – last week I was a bit annoyed with the situation in Libya. When something like that happens, you never know what’s going to happen.

[adam montana] It looks like things didn’t exactly blow over, but they have not escalated, so I say we are right back on track. other than that, everything I want to talk about was actually posted in the questions thread… it’s like you guys were reading my mind! So we will just go straight into the Q’s

[kcw] rightsonword Regardless of what happens with the currency, the ISX will be affected in some way (e.g. stock splits). Perhaps I’ve missed the articles, but I haven’t seen many articles detailing how a change in currency, RD or RV, would affect the ISX and the share holders.

When we get closer to finishing this ride, should we start to see more articles concerning the affects on the ISX or articles assuring share holders concerning the price or number of stocks they own?

[kcw] It seems to me any government would want to assure their investors with details about how their investments will be affected.

[adam montana] absolutely correct the ISX WILL be affected, which is why I have always suggested looking into them!

[adam montana] however – I don’t think we will see major “hint” articles from any particular source or on any particular ISX stock

[adam montana] The ISX is going to explode when the Dinar Revalues, simply because of what we can call a “trickle UP” situation as the Iraqi citizens spend more money, businesses grow, so does profits, then more investors pile on, and on and on and on

[adam montana] It’s really that simple! A booming economy is great for everyone, us included

[kcw] ALBUNDY Hello Mr. Adam Montana. Is there any possibility that Iraq will not tell all of us ( a secret ) exactly which currency printing company print a new Iraq dinar?

[adam montana] They are not bound to use De La Rue. De La Rue is not obligated to inform the public when they are printing new currency. With that in mind… why does it matter who prints it?

[adam montana] It doesn’t matter. We understand that in order to raise the value, new currency (lower denominations) must be introduced, and that’s the end of the story. I just hope I get a chance to invest in the company that is printing 😆

[kcw] userghost Hi Adam, I have been on this forum for about 2 years, and you have no inspired me to make an account so thank you! My question this week is, last week you seem dismayed about all of the turmoil in the ME because of the effect that it would have on the dinar. In my personal opinion I think that it has died down significantly, do you agree or disagree? Do you think that the turmoil that is going on still will have a significant impact on the dinar?

[adam montana] I agree – it has simmered down enough to move forward

[kcw] firefighter_218546 Hey Adam,, Thanks for everything you do for us on this site.. You were saying that with the unrest in lybia that the RV will probably be postponed. I was thinking that there is always unrest in the middle east, wouldn’t the RV always be postponed?

[adam montana] however – that hasn’t stopped Kuwait from having a high value dinar, so why should it stop Iraq? Iraq needs to move forward with a higher valued currency, and they will – despite the noise in Libya, Iran, etc. If they are in the middle of a major WAR – of course it’s not going to RV. But in a situation like now – they can do it.

[kcw] Mammaw Adam, any news on the way the UN meeting went yesterday? I see where M is to be checking in on T today. Assume that means he is no longer in NYC. Looking forward to reading your chat when I get off tonight. Best wishes to all! Have a great chat!

[adam montana] Hey Mawmaw, thanks for the question. I’m not aware of any major news that’s been announced, so I’ll have to pass on that one.

[kcw] Frogee Hi Adam, and thanks for all you do and your great website. Do you think that Iraq needs a current census taken before the HCL can go into effect?

[adam montana] HCL – no. RV – sort of Take this for example. The CBI gives us tons of different numbers…. none of which usually match up, half the time they are contradicting themselves, and it’s immpossible to rely on their timeliness.

[adam montana] HOWEVER! We know that we can count on the value of the dinar being exactly what they say it is – 1166, right? We know we can count on them to maintain the value of the Dinar, control inflation, and keep their money in check. The SAME THING goes for the census issue.

[adam montana] If they were to RV to a very high rate, like $3 – they would need EXACT numbers and a very sophisticated system to maintain that value. But RVing to anything lower, like in the .10 to $1 range, gives them more flexibility and room for error.

[adam montana] My point is that they may not have an exact census, but they are in control of their economy and I would ascertain that they have SUFFICIENT information to make this, and the HCL, work.

[kcw] M.Duke Hi Adam Thank you for all the help you have given to all of us. My Question is when the RV comes and if it is below $1 How long do think it will stay below $1 ? Do you think it will last more than a year?

[adam montana] depends on HOW much below $1. If it’s a dime, then I see it HOLDING for a good 3-6 months, then rising to $1 over the next 6-12 months. I won’t be surprised to see it come up very quick! The question is “Will we be forced to cash our old notes in before it makes that transition?”

[kcw] M.Duke Hi Adam Keep up the good work we all look for you help on this site. My question is when the RV happen it is most likely to start out low do you think that it will put a time on the higher dinars like the 5k and up to cash in after that it will become worthless to force us to cash them in.

[adam montana] I accidentally answered this in the previous response. :tiphat: (In my opinion, YES we will have a time frame to cash in higher notes. I think it will be at least 90 days, no more than a year)

[kcw] George2351 Adam What happens if Israel strikes Iran? Will that slow the RV process down or does that even affect this process?

[adam montana] If Israel strikes Iran, it will definitely slow things down. As I stated in my chat last week…. when the waters are OBVIOUSLY stormy, you wait to put out to sea. When they calm down, you set sail. :tiphat:

[kcw] go4profit Hi, Adam and thank you for your hard work to keep us informed. Can you tell me your thoughts on the Iraq Finance 2012 Conference now meeting in London and what impact, if any, this might have on both the RV and on the Iraq economy in general? I am intriqued by the major corporate sponsors and the meeting objectives and would like your perspective. GO RV!!

[adam montana] Quite honestly, I think the Conference was a great place for some big-wigs to shake hands… but the deals and agreements that need to be made to proceed with something as massive as an RV of the IRaqi Dinar is NOT something to discuss at an open table.

[adam montana] It would have been a great place to ANNOUNCE it, but that didn’t happen, so I’m not going to read too much into who was there or what could have happened. :twocents:

kcw] edbeach Hi Adam There is some discussion that the RV will not be as a fixed RV and that the CBI may go the route of a free float instead. Personally I feel will be a regular RV but if they go the way of a free float how did you think this would effect us short term less 6 mos & long term greater than 6 mos. Would this not limit our cash in time since rates would change constantly and do you think the Banks would cash this in or do we need market makers or money traders for cash in. I know you say won’t happen as free float but just in case it swings that direction your take as above. Thanks for your response.

[adam montana] I never said it “can’t happen” – we always have to keep in mind that this scenario is possible

[adam montana] here’s how I look at it. At the end of the day, I strongly believe that the currency, stocks, and savings I hold in Iraqi Dinar WILL go up. How much, when, etc? I don’t know.

I know things are set up very nicely right now and I have personally witnessed Iraq make LEAPS and BOUNDS towards a more stable country, controled economy, and strong government.

[adam montana] So, at this time – I’m prepared for anything. I do NOT think I am going to lose money on my investment, and I am willing to watch.

[kcw] waitingondinar Hello Adam, can you touch on the latest news regarding HCL, Chapter 7, and what is expected from the Financial conference that was held in NY on Sept 18 & 19? With news articles stating that Iraq will be selling government bonds and also be a source of loan money for Europe and the United States what are your thoughts on how soon they would have to revalue the currency? Wouldn’t it make more sense for this valuation to be at least a $1.00? Thanks

[adam montana] You can make an argument for a penny, a dime, or a dollar – so although it could make perfect sense to RV to $1… it also makes sense to RV to a dime.

[adam montana] I would love to see them start selling bonds – that would be a huge tip for us!

[adam montana] This phone just won’t stop ringing… one more and I have to go for now.

[adam montana] In that case, the same thing will happen as if there is a major RV overnight. 2. We go to phase 2, which is cashing in and investing so basically… nothing changes. We have options no matter what happens. (As long as it keeps going up, that is.) 😆

[adam montana] ok, on that note – great questions this week everyone! and on that note…. have a great day, and GO RV

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