Adam Montana Chat – WOW 10-3-12

7:54 AM [Adam Montana] first – my thoughts and prayers for kcw’s husband. We are told that it’s nothing serious

7:55 AM [Adam Montana] dinarkicker will be filling in to post the questions, so don’t get excited when you see someone other than kcw and I typing thanks everyone

7:57 AM [Adam Montana] so on to Dinar – WOW

7:58 AM [Adam Montana] if you’ve been paying attention to the news, you’ve got to be as excited as I am. If you haven’t been watching – I’ll give a quick breakdown.

7:58 AM [Adam Montana] as recently as October 1 we have a TON of articles talking about a “mechanism” to resolve the HCL. For those that are unfamiliar with how arabic gets translated, a “mechanism” is generally a contract

7:59 AM [Adam Montana] that means that earlier this week they ALMOST signed this thing into law

8:00 AM [Adam Montana] October 2 two things happened – my Iraqi sources tell me that it was leaked that the budgetary committee was going to go NUTS if there was no plan to officially implement an immediate strategy to raise the value of the dinar when the HCL was resolved, and it threw a wrench in everything

8:01 AM [Adam Montana] October 3 that announcement was officially made – they are demanding an inclusion for “financial development”

8:02 AM [Adam Montana] I, for one, was literally on the edge of my seat most of yesterday waiting for some more news to break. Unfortunately we don’t have it yet, but nonetheless – HOW EXCITING!

8:02 AM [Adam Montana] I didn’t take time to count the amount of positive HCL related articles came out this week and last, but it is a STAGGERING amount

8:03 AM [Adam Montana] I guess at the end of the day, none of it matters until we can cash in… but my opinion is that the thing to watch is the HCL. As soon as they resolve that, we are THERE.

8:04 AM [Adam Montana] That’s the weekly “State of the Dinar”… DK, whenever you are ready sir! Thank you for filling in for kcw this week, by the way :tiphat:

8:04 AM [Dinarkicker] new york kevin; So Sir, what is the real deal about all this talk about Iraq getting released from Chapter 7? What happened at the recent UNSC meeting in relation to this? Kuwait seems to be on board with a release from sanctions for Iraq.There seems to be more talk about this lately. There is even a little discussion about the HCL. What is the likehood that the HCL will be passed soon?

8:04 AM [Adam Montana] Thanks for the question NYK, I think you are on the right track here. I just gave a full opinion on the HCL. Regarding Chapter 7… has anyone noticed that there’s not much news about it lately? I sure have. In my opinion, the reason is very simple. All of the requirements to be released from Chapter 7 have been fullfilled, and it’s just a rubber stamp issue at this time. Therefore, they are focused on more important issues such as the HCL and the things necessary to regaining their wealth.

8:06 AM [Dinarkicker] EC429 Can you please help clairfy what happens if one is still holding the present dinar notes and the new notes come out. Do you believe that we will have an option and opportunity to exchange the present notes for the new notes without “cashing out” if one wishes to keep the notes for a few years?

8:07 AM [Adam Montana] EC429 i sincerely hope that we are able to do that. If we can, we are in a position to make an immediate gain and then also make more gains as the value goes up.

8:08 AM [Adam Montana] The question is… will they let us do that? I don’t think they will. I think we are going to get a 90 days to a year before they phase out the current currency.

8:09 AM [Adam Montana] If we are lucky, and if they are smart, they will allow the value to grow as they are exchanging old for new notes. The CBI can make a ton of money doing this. I explained it in my thesis on why I thought the rate will be between .10 and a dollar, FYI – check my blog for that article.

8:09 AM [Dinarkicker] waitingondinar Hi Adam, I read an article in the forum and it mentioned the lifting of the zeros being an automatic function created by the intake of money in Iraq. If this is how it will happen, are we in for another long wait until this is accomplished?

8:10 AM [Adam Montana] waiting, I think there is a bit of confusion on that. When they say “automatic”, it’s not as cut and dried as the english word – by that I mean it won’t instantaneously happen. It will be the “next step”, but it will take time for the process to complete. Hope that helps

8:11 AM [Dinarkicker] gross0612 Developing military ties with Russia seems likely to scuttle Iraq’s commitments to US interests including the RV as to when/how- yes – no – maybe?

8:12 AM [Adam Montana] gross0612 – I don’t think it’s going to matter. Think of it like the fat kid in school. He might get picked on most days, but if he shows up with extra sticks of gum, the whole class is suddenly his friend same with Iraq. They aren’t dumb, they are going to build as many ties and relationships as possible and when they show up with extra packs of gum, they are going to have a lot of friends.

8:13 AM [Dinarkicker] flyguy2323 I saw in one of the posts that they released some smart cards. I know that a lot of us were feeling that this would be a great indicator that the RV was close to happening. I just wanted to know if you have heard anything about the smart cards and if it really is an indicator for the RV. Thanks again for taking the time to address my question. Flyguy2323

8:14 AM [Adam Montana] That’s something that’s been twisted and misunderstood for a long time. The smart cards aren’t an indicator of the RV.

8:14 AM [Dinarkicker] Mammaw Wow, some interesting questions. I assume by the time you get to mine you will have covered it all. Adam, there is a great deal of news. Some good and some that sounds not so good. Based on your read, does it still look as though things are moving as fast as they seem to be?

Is the Iran support reports going to hinder any advancements that are needed to get the RV completed?I am at that point again where I need to stop reading so much of the postings. There is so much of it and I am beginning to wonder what is really “good” news, and what is not.

Just an old woman ready for the end of this ride to be over. Very tired, as I am certain so many are in these times. Best wishes to you and all your staff, for all you do.

8:15 AM [Adam Montana] haha! Mammaw, I think we all get to that point at times! 😆

8:16 AM [Adam Montana] The situation with Iran at this time is fair, I am not worried about them. I’m very optimistic right now given the current state of the Middle East and the positive news on the HCL

8:18 AM [Dinarkicker] mattjenrocky Good morning, Adam! BTW…you are awesome! You may have already answered this but do you think the violence that has erupted over this film has delayed the RV? Does it have any influence on what rate the IDQ will RV at? Thanks!

8:19 AM [Adam Montana] I stated before that it was a concern, but I think it blew over fast enough and is no longer an issue. :twothumbs:

8:20 AM [Dinarkicker] Francie26 There is a quietness that has settled over Iraq, over Baghdad, itself, and even over Dinar Vets. It’s a stillness, like that of waiting; yet, I read that there is unrest in Baghdad, that the people who live there are anticipating something too, something that hangs limply in the morning Baghdad air, something which cannot be seen, cannot be touched, smelled, or heard, only sensed, something that creates a dull roar in the head, not from the ears, not from the air, but from a vibrational anticipation standing on its edge, a sense of waiting for “it.” Adam, what is “it”? And when will “it” finally get here? Hey, Dad, are we there yet? Any tips, clues, or suspicions will be appreciated.

8:21 AM [Adam Montana] Francie, Edgar Allan Poe has nothing on you. No, we aren’t quite there yet

8:21 AM [Dinarkicker] RV-2-Day Adam Follow-up to my question from last week regarding the ability to purchase 1M Dinar now at $1,000 vs recent price at $1,200. Your answer of it’s market driven may be feasable. However, this price is based upon purchasing 25k, 10k, & 5k Dinar notes.

If I were to purchase the same 1M Dinar in 250 Dinar notes the price goes up to $3400, a 283% premium for the same total Dinar. This looks to be more than market driven. The sellers are dumping the high notes at aproximately 17% below cost and selling the lower denominations at an extrordinary premium.

Given as you say the price is market driven, why would anyone pay a 283% premium unless there is knowledge that the higher denominations will be of less value, or have a greater conversion fee percentage, and/or that maybe the lower 250 note will not require conversion.

Interested in your thoughts regarding why the extrordinary high price for lower denominations. Is there something going on behind the scene?

8:22 AM [Adam Montana] Good question, and well thought out. The one thing that you’re missing here has to do with the lower denoms

8:22 AM [Adam Montana] Yes, I think there’s a chance they may be more valuable than the higher denoms, but I think that chance is fairly small

8:22 AM [Adam Montana] what is VERY important at this current time is the “cost” of the dinars to the dealers They obviously buy it for less than they sell it, so when a bunch of bad articles come out, they are able to reduce their cost because a bunch of people sell their dinar back. that’s one way that the price goes down

8:24 AM [Adam Montana] now that there are more dealers – *** isn’t the only game in town anymore – everyone is simply reducing their margins. They are still making money, just not as much.

8:24 AM [Adam Montana] but back to the lower denoms… how many 250 notes do you get out of a 25,000 note? 100. That means that a million dinars in 250’s weighs ONE HUNDRED TIMES more than a million in 25,000’s

8:26 AM [Adam Montana] since dinar isn’t printed here in the US, the dealers have to pay shipping costs… higher weight = higher shipping costs, which means they have to charge more for the product

8:27 AM [Adam Montana] with that in mind… I really don’t think a 283% difference in price for an item that is 100x heavier is that big of a difference in fact, it makes perfect sense

8:27 AM [Adam Montana] at this time, we are all waiting for the dinar to RV. The dealers are making money on it before the RV, so they are going to keep running their businesses until that announcement.

8:28 AM [Adam Montana] The amazing thing for them is that when the RV is announced, they are going to be in possession of a LOT of money… pretty stellar business plan if you ask me. :twocents:

8:29 AM [Adam Montana] None of that – the price of dinar, the weight of dinar, how much the dealers are making – NONE OF IT – matters a hill of beans to our investment. Iraq couldn’t care less how much Ali or Ty or Jeff or any of the others are making – they are looking at recapturing a monstrous – yes, I said MONSTROUS – amount of wealth. I’m just here for the ride 🙂

8:30 AM [Adam Montana] ok, that’s it for me friends! As always – keep a level head. I’m excited right now, but that doesn’t mean something won’t happen tomorrow to push this back another year or two. I hope not, but it’s always a possibility. Best regards to you all

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