Adam Montana Dinar Update 2-6-13

[Adam Montana] Morning everyone! Have a lot of questions this week, and interestingly enough… most of them are related to everything I wanted to discuss!

[Adam Montana] official chat in progress, let’s see if we can have an enlightening one today

[Adam Montana] Like I just said, there are a lot of great questions coming – and they cover everything I had planned on discussing anyway, so we will get to those shortly. But FIRST… let’s give our little investment a quick once-over

[Adam Montana] When it comes to the Dinar, people seem to be on one side or another – either you think there is potential here, or you think it’s a crazy idea Some people even have websites built to discuss how crazy it is, and how crazy those of us that discuss Dinar are… well, let’s look at some FACTS

[Adam Montana] A lot of those nay-sayers try to convince their listeners that we Dinar Investors will be lucky to break even, and they support that argument by twisting the facts…

like comparing the current value to the worst possible deal you can get, such as buying a 25,000 note on eBay for $50 well of COURSE if you paid that for your Dinar, then you would be lucky to break even today. You might even lose a couple bucks but let’s get back to those FACTS:

[Adam Montana] FACT ONE: the rate on the Dinar in 2003 was roughly .00027. In 2006 the rate was roughly .00068 ($680 per million). Today the rate is roughly .00086 ($860 per million). That’s about a 25% increase in the last few years, right? So if you bought in that period, you are ALREADY WINNING

[Adam Montana] FACT TWO: The DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) in 2006 was at 10806, today it is around 13880. Those numbers look pretty similar to the Iraqi Dinar’s progress around the same time frame, don’t they? But guess what else happened in that same period… February 2009 the DJIA DROPPED to 7063, which was absolutely devastating to many

[Adam Montana] Guess what has NOT experienced a huge swing like that, despite the “turbulent and chaotic” situation it’s in? That’s right – the Iraqi Dinar.

[Adam Montana] FACT 3: taking into account those last two sets of numbers, we can say that the Iraqi Dinar is performing just about as good as most 401ks out there… but we also know that most 401ks do NOT have any kind of massive potential.

[Adam Montana] So for all you nay sayers out there – keep on hating, keep on yapping, keep on living in your negative world… I’m holding onto my dinar đŸ˜†

[Adam Montana] ok, let’s do questions! TG, thank you for filling in for kcw today

[TexasGranny] bluebell Adam, I read a number of financial newsletters daily and they are all warning about a currency crash and the wipe out of wealth, etc. I am wondering if it’s prudent to change our dinars into dollars in case there is a collapse and we would then lose everything. Would it be better to hang onto the dinar instead or change some of it into other currencies instead of the dollar?

[Adam Montana] I have to qualify my answer – I’m going to give you my opinion, not financial advice. I never give financial advice, I am not your financial advisor, nor am I your lawyer, uncle, or anything else… I’m just giving my opinion.

[Adam Montana] With that said, I agree with your sentiment completely. The dollar is not heading anywhere safe and it’s a VERY prudent idea to look elsewhere when it comes time to convert your Dinar.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] presence Adam – Can you please comment on or explain the ramifications of the Standby Agreement and the date of February 23 and the impact, if any, on an RV? Thank you for all the effort. GO RV!!!

[Adam Montana] that’s a GREAT question, I’ll take this opportunity to address not only the Standby Agreement, but also the Budget and a host of other matters

[Adam Montana] a huge swing in the value of the currency will NOT be announced beforehand – you are going to get that news AFTER the rate has changed. They won’t want you to have an opportunity to stock up on Dinar before they change the rate, because that would cost them money. What they WILL do is make that decision, change the rate, and tell you AFTER it has been done.

[Adam Montana] So with that knowledge at hand, we can safely dismiss MOST things they tell us in advance, such as this agreement, the Budget (which was pushed back to next week by the way), and most other things.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] kjwayne Adam, in your OPINION, is our new found influx of money, from a currency exchange, going to treated as capital gains income or ordinary income ? I,m just asking your opinion. I know you are not the IRS! Thank You!

[Adam Montana] In my opinion and also the opinion of 99.9999% of everyone I do business with at higher levels, there is no way we will get away with capital gains. This will be treated as ordinary income EVEN IF there has to be an Executive Order changing the tax codes to make it so.

Many won’t like that, many will scream and push and call me names for that statement, but I stand by it and I am making sure I am prepared for that very real possibility.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] Seabee1972 Adam, due to some health issues, and now learning that I may have been exposed to Agent Orange I have been away from the site for quite awhile. I know that what I am reading is coming from the rumor threads, but I need to ask anyway. Does all the hype that I have read over the last couple weeks give you any pause to think that the wind is finally blowing in the right direction?

[Adam Montana] Seabee, I hate to hear that you have that issue… I know a couple people in your boat and it’s not pretty. My prayers are with you on your journey sir.

[Adam Montana] To answer the question – YES, it does look like things are blowing in our favor again! I’m loving the recent wave of positive news, and looking forward to seeing some positive movement in our favor.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] ALBUNDY Hi Mr. Adam. What do you think about this article? ….. “Talabani writes his Will. 03/02/2013 Sulaymaniyah / NINA / A Kurdish newspaper in Kurdistan reported that Jalal Talabani, President of the Republic, Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) party, handed his will to one of the leaders of the National Union….

The Kurdish newspaper (Bass) said that “Talabani wrote his will a year ago and handed it over to (Duler Sayed Majid), one of the leaders of his party and his confidence, and asked him to open it after his death, and deliver it to the Office of the PUK.”

[Adam Montana] Well, we know that Talabani is not in good health so I am not going to put too much weight into this story – it’s something we would expect regardless of which country he happened to head.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] Thaiexpat hello and greetings from sunny and warm Thailand. This question has to do with cashing in (since we ALL know it will happen tonight!!!): I bought all my dinars thru a corporate acct-LLC. When time for cashing in, do you think I will need to present more than myself?

what paperwork/support will I need to show? Also, living overseas, can you tell me if there are bank options for us expats in SE Asia? Thank you for your fine work. I’m no banking expert, so really appreciate your advice/input. Cheers

[Adam Montana] Thaiexpat, you shouldn’t need anything more than legitimate dinars to cash in when the banks resume taking them.

[Adam Montana] Many banks will have competitive rates but they may have to send the Dinar to other locations for verification before actually giving you the funds. And most banks will not hand over that much cash, so you can count on it to go into your account, not walk out with cash.

[Adam Montana] as a final thought on your situation, if you are a US Citizen, the fact that you bought the dinars through your corporation will not help you one bit – you will be paying personal income taxes on the full amount at the end of the year.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] chess ADAM: Your opinion please as to whether IQD is being held that much, by other country banks/reserves/treasuries?

[Adam Montana] It definitely makes sense that other countries and banks would also be holding Dinar reserves. I have to ask this question: Why would they NOT hold some?

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] skrappyone Hi Adam. One quick question. Did the Packers have anything to do with the blackout during the superbowl or is it tied in with trying to hide the RV? just askin.

[Adam Montana] Can we just blame it on Ray Lewis and move on?

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] ALBUNDY Mr. Adam I just found 2 articles and what do you think about these 2 articles? Is it good? Is this the sign of RV coming soon Mr. Adam? Thank you very much for answering my questions Mr. Adam.

“Exclusion of cancellation of three zeros from the currency 04-02-2013 Excluded the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to replace or cancel three zeros currency at this stage and that it sought to increase the value of the dinar against the dollar.

He said Cabinet Secretary Ali Mohsen Ismail sourcing Centre for the Iraqi media network replacement project and cancel three zeroes during the past period discussed in the Council of Ministers, the Council stressed that this project is not a priority for the Government at the moment…”

[Adam Montana] Thanks ALBUNDY, I loved seeing those articles. While I stand by my earlier statement that the GOI will not give us a major heads up before they change the value, especially if it is going to be a major change, the fact that they are saying this should at least give us confidence that we will not be losing any value anytime soon.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] waitingondinar Adam, Things are beginning to feel like they did in December 2010 when we thought we were close to an RV. There was a lot of action about a month or so ago and it seemed the Iraqi’s were moving with record speed to get things accomplished on their end to bring this revalue to completion, including the HCL, Chapter 7 etc.

Reading new articles (below) it seems the government does not see the lifting of the zero’s or introducing new currency an issue of importance now. Where are we heading with this ???? “Ruled Iraq today to replace the local currency dinar or cancellation of three zeroes are currently pointing out that he was seeking to increase its peak from 1166 to 1000 dinars to the dollar, adding that high value opportunities available…”

[Adam Montana] This is another great article. A move from 1166 to 1000 would represent yet another gain for us. It’s not a 1:1 move, but profit is profit is profit, and it’s in the right direction. If they want to move it 166 pips per year for the next 6 years that is fine with me!

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] strolld2 Hi Adam, Just wanted to know if you had any opinion on the Asia Cell IPO?

[Adam Montana] Regarding the stock, I know people are excited about it… but I don’t feel comfortable giving my opinion on it without fully vetting every aspect of it, and I have not done that. (I flipped a coin and decided to buy into it, but that’s just me Posted Image – you have to flip your own coin )

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] socko adam on monday am. On fox news they were talking about iraqi oil soon entering the market. Which is suppose to lower oil. But better yet i’m thinking the price of dinar increasing. Could you spread a little light on this. Thanks so much.

[Adam Montana] This is yet another reason why I shake my head and laugh at the nay-sayers… not only is Iraqi oil good for us, it’s also good for them, and in turn it is good for Dinar investors! This is truly a situation where we get BOTH pieces of the pie

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] Uncle Barkie Hi Adam! Thanks for everything you’ve done for all of us through the years. Regardless of how this investment turns out , you have worked tirelessly to bring us your unbiased opinion and the targeted information that we need to stay focused on this long journey.Again, thank you! Uncle Barkie

[Adam Montana] Uncle Barkie, thank you for the kind words and I appreciate your support. I will continue to do what I do for people like you. Posted Image

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] Chuck Norris Hi Adam, First time caller long time listener. ;o) I’m seeing lots of articles about Iraq’s interest in raising the value of their currency. I believe 1000 – 1 with the dollar has been mentioned. Is it likely Iraq will start that low and float up? Can Iraq realistically afford to start as high as $.10 or more with all of their currency floating around? Thanks and stay thirsty my friend.

[Adam Montana] Mr Norris, I am honored to have you on the site. It could go either way – straight to a dollar, straight to ten cents, or slow grow all the way up.

[Adam Montana] Is it true that you have another fist hidden in your beard? Or that you don’t flush the toilet.. you just scare the poo out of it? Ok… I better stop before I get myself in trouble

[Adam Montana] That was the last one for today. I’ve been working on some site changes lately, I’ll be sending an email to explain all that later this week or early next. I’ll also pop in if I get news worthy of sharing… otherwise, have a wonderful week everyone! I’ll talk to you later

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