Adam Montana – Recent Chat Series 1-2-13

Max says, “Man, I am not absorbing the fact we are in 2013 already. What in world happened? Anyhow, here’s a recent series of ramblings (opinions) from Montana. 10 cent RV value. Dude, please.”

[Adam Montana] GM everyone man you guys are demanding So, this day in RV Land let’s do a quick State of the Dinar chat ok official chat time

[Adam Montana] The current State of the Dinar, January 2 7:15PM Baghdad time

[Adam Montana] You’ll have to excuse my brevity and also typos – I’m stuck in a waiting room and it’s collllllllllld in here! My fingers are frozen and my toes are numb

[Adam Montana] Politics seem pretty stable. Maliki is in good standing with the UN and also the US (for what that’s worth), and the news other than that is a bit quiet what does this tell us? Not a darn thing!

[Adam Montana] I should have clarified – I’m not in a hospital waiting room, I’m waiting on my vehicle. Sorry for any confusion there Back to the Dinar

[Adam Montana] I know a lot of gurus out there are claiming there’s been a few announcements about a date for the RV… I’m calling bullsnot on them, officially. There is no bad news right now, but there has been no RV announcement

[Adam Montana] idk if “bullsnot” has been used before, if not I hereby claim rights to the trademark Like I said, this one is going to be brief

[Adam Montana] There was no question thread this week, we will continue the normal weeklly Q&A sessions next week I hope you all had a safe and happy New Year… and let’s GO R-V in the 2-0-1-3!!!!

A short while ago…

Hi again, it’s me – Adam Montana.

I sent an email recently that received a heck of a response – it was my “RV Rate Thesis”.

I’m perfectly ok with admitting I may have been wrong! It happens, right? I’m not perfect.

Well… this is a strange situation that I find myself in.

You see, I will always have my own opinions… but I also listen to people who know what they are talking about. And in this particular case, I’m being told by people that I truly respect….. that I’m way off base with my prediction of a “ten cent RV”.

They think it should be much higher than that.

Hey, I’m no fool! I will happily admit to being wrong and eat all of the crow anyone can shove in my face if I’m wrong on my projected rate! After all, it’s only my opinion.

But I am hearing a lot of persuasive talk from some very smart people that makes me think I could be very wrong, and we’ll see that very soon. All we can do at this point is wait, right?

I’m here waiting with you! … and “HERE’S TO ADAM BEING WRONG!!!!”

Best regards, all – Adam Montana

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