Adam Montana Says No RV and No Bad News 3-24-12

1:06 PM [Adam Montana] Hey all!
1:06 PM [Adam Montana] Just doing a quick driveby here

1:07 PM [Adam Montana] I wanted to come back MUCH sooner than now, but unfortunately I’m still waiting on the responses that I need

1:07 PM [Adam Montana] eLemonator you think that was a tease, you should see some of the emails I have all week
1:07 PM [seawolf] I can handle it, give me the great news
1:07 PM [Adam Montana] they have ME sitting on the edge of my seat

1:08 PM [Adam Montana] in fact, I think this thing is about to tip right out from underneath me I’m leaning so far forward into my keyboard, staring at the screen!

1:08 PM [Adam Montana] All I can say for sure right now is NO it has not officially been released, the RV is NOT here at this moment

1:09 PM [rockhound60] Adam Montana can we read between the lines
1:09 PM [Adam Montana] I’ve been waiting on a confirmation of some news that should have been released Friday, but is still very much in the making

1:09 PM [Adam Montana] and the best news I can really give you is that I don’t have any BAD news.

1:09 PM [Adam Montana] I know it’s a teaser, but I’m not about to start spitting out predictions now

1:10 PM [rockhound60] Adam Montana just a little
1:10 PM [Adam Montana] I’ve been doing these chats and providing this site to you all for way too long

1:10 PM [rockhound60] a smidge
1:10 PM [rockhound60] Adam Montana and we respect you very much

1:10 PM [Adam Montana] and I’ve refrained from ever leading people without having rock solid evidence of my reasons
1:10 PM [Adam Montana] so I’m not going to start now
1:10 PM [Adam Montana] but I think the l0psters are going to be eating crow soon

1:10 PM [Dinarkicker] yessssss
1:11 PM [Adam Montana] I’ll leave it at that for now, the “na-na-nana-na!” will come later 😆

1:11 PM [seawolf] Adam Montana … so, are you getting a since that this may finally come to an end soon?

1:11 PM [Adam Montana] ok so those are my two messages
1:11 PM [rrupple] woooh
1:11 PM [eLemonator] Adam Montana fair enough!

1:11 PM [Adam Montana] 1. Sorry I didn’t get back to you all sooner, but I just don’t have the official confirmation on the news I’ve been hearing rumors about

1:11 PM [Pat H] rockhound60 Many thanks for the sort-of update! It is encouraging

1:12 PM [Adam Montana] rockhound60 I still love you guys too, thanks for your patience

1:12 PM [eLemonator] Adam Montana well maybe you could tell us those rumors and we could help you verify!

1:12 PM [myst] Adam Montana thank you all the same…….. can we be told what the offical news you have been waiting for it the actual RV? or something to help it happen?

1:12 PM [rockhound60] Adam Montana always
1:12 PM [Adam Montana] and no matter what, keep your head on straight. Don’t listen to these clowns out there that keep saying “it’s done” and even worse “it’s going to be $7!!!!” because that’s just ridiculous

1:13 PM [Adam Montana] ok, that’s it for now. This is the FIRST stop for me when the RV is announced – I will be in chat, sending emails, and sending texts all at the same time

1:13 PM [Dinarkicker] Agreed $7 is outrageous byt 14 is good
1:13 PM [Adam Montana] and about 15 minutes after that I’ll be heading ot the airport 😆

1:14 PM [rockhound60] Adam Montana push the button
1:14 PM [Adam Montana] have a great day everyone, summer is coming! I hope you are all hitting the gym, fat people in bathing suits isn’t pretty
1:14 PM [Lacey] Adam Montana Thank You
1:14 PM [Adam Montana] (sorry, too much coffee. mental censor isn’t working)
1:14 PM [Adam Montana] bye

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