Adam Montana Weighs In On Dinar RV 4-24-13

[Adam Montana] morning everyone! Please pardon me while I interrupt the room for a short weekly chat Things to watch for in the near future:

Elections were held, and it looks like a significant political shift is taking place. Results are not final yet, but it appears that things have moved away from Maliki’s camp and that should bring on some interesting developments

Speaking of Maliki, there was some questions about his health and even some speculation that he was dead… this is not true. He is alive, and I don’t expect to see him losing his spot.

There is more talk about releasing the smartcards, but I believe they are having technical issues and they will want to have a final rate before going full steam on that issue… so any news about the Smart Cards is GOOD for us, as it brings us closer to the END of this roller coaster.

And finally, the UN is just full of positive energy for Iraq. They are pushing for a resolution on Chapter 7 and HCL. They are commending Iraq on mostly peaceful elections and their progress as a nation. I’m watching for something strong out of the UN very soon.

[Adam Montana] Other than that… there is no confirmation of a date or rate, regardless of what any guru’s neighbor’s uncle’s cousin knows… so stay patient and keep your head on straight

[Adam Montana] Saint, if you’re ready?

[Saint] TomRiddle Article: ** The U.S will NOT renew the DFI protection in May 2013** How does this play into our timeline?

[Adam Montana] Good question First, the source needs to be analyzed. It’s an anonymous source, and when you read the entire article it sounds like more of an opinion. If that’s the case, then we have to take it with a grain of salt.

However, if it is true and we get factual final confirmation that the DFI protection will indeed end, this is GREAT news! It means Iraq is going to have to put on the big-boy pants and stop using the same excuses. We can surely hope that this, among other things coming up, leads to positive results.

[Saint] eburt Hello Adam and Mods – Thanks for all you do – Just wanted to know what is the lastest news from Iraq when it comes to HCL. It seems like news on this topic have been silence somewhat. Also wanted to know if there a possible RV this year and/or will we have to wait until 2014.

[Adam Montana] HCL is still positive and seems to be making steady progress. Regarding the date, there are a couple of things that lead me to believe we won’t have to wait another year. The DFI protection possibly ending is one, Smart Cards due to be released in full by July, peaceful elections, HCL progress, and strong UN and Kuwait support just to name a few. :twocents:

[Saint] new york kevin Sir: With Kuwait and others supposedly behind the support for Iraq to be released from Chapter 7, when is the next meeting on the UNSC to discuss this possibility?

[Adam Montana] I apologize, I don’t have the date handy. The support for a full release from Chapter 7 is great though!

[Saint] millionaire in training Hi Adam, Im a little confused on this, there is so much talk (articles) on deleting 3 zeros. Ok lets say they do this. Will they still raise the rate along with the deletion of the 3 zeros or is it one or the other?

[[Adam Montana] I discussed that exact issue at length in it :twothumbs:

[Saint] eburt Hello Adam – I am seeing articles about ISO Codes were given and wanted to know if that is good for us or not.

[Adam Montana] Good question… I’m still looking into that subject, I hope to have a solid answer or explanation on it by next week.

[Saint] RobLe Morning. My question is about investing in Dinar verses investing in the Iraqi Stock Exchange. I was curious as to whether or not it is a better investment as per taxes if one invested in the Iraq Stock Market.

This way, when the RV happens, one wouldn’t have to cash out, they could just sell off their stocks as then need the cash. With the Dinar, one will have to take it to the bank and cash out. Just curious as to if there is an advantage of being invested in Iraq over cashing out of dinar? Thanks

[Adam Montana] RobLe, great question! As long as we remember that there is just as much risk in the ISX as there is in physical dinar, I think it’s a great idea to be diversified and consider BOTH options. Another thing to consider is an Iraqi Savings Account, which can be opened at Warka Bank. Instructions are here in the forums

And that was the last question. No RV announcement yet, but I’m happy with the progress that’s being made. Thanks for stopping in everyone, have a great day.

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