Adam Montana With The Stats 4-10-13

[Adam Montana] morning all! Did you know that 53.8% of all topics in this room are statistics? sorry that was bad. Let’s get to the weekly chat

[Adam Montana] Morning everyone! Another week has gone by with no RV, but no l0p either so we keep hanging in there. For those of you that need to catch up, here is a quick summary:

[Adam Montana] Maliki has decided to stop attending meetings (maybe he’s taken up golf?), Parliament asked for 2 months off and it looks like they got one month off (do they ever actually work?!), Shabibi is still yapping about his innocence but is probably not going to ever get back into his former spot, Kuwait still wants Iraq out of Chapter 7 (but Iraq isn’t going to push too hard until there’s a good reason, like an RV), and the CBI announced that they are setting up “outlets” to sell hard currency.

[Adam Montana] Now… I know that’s a lot to absorb, so here’s a few thoughts on it first, I LOVE the news about the CBI setting up more “outlets” – they will definitely need those outlets to handle exchanging large denominations for lower denominations in the event of a major rate change!

[Adam Montana] We don’t expect Maliki to “conform” to anyone’s expectations, so his absence does not concern me in the least – in fact, I WANT him to be a bit rebelious. He needs to get his “maverick” hat on in order to make a major rate change successful ] and finally, the fact that Kuwait is consistently pushing for a removal of Chapter 7 lately is very comforting.

[Adam Montana] That’s the summary – let’s get to the weekly questions

[TexasGranny] Mammaw I think we are all very tired. There is a lot of stress in the world today. And I wonder Adam, as do the others, do you still feel as confident that Iraq will be released from Ch 7 soon, will they RV soon, will M get his 3rd term because he has more money? In your opinion. Thank you.

[Adam Montana] Hey Mawmaw. I agree, a lot of people are burnt out from the constant roller coaster… it’s best to just step back and take a deep breath if you’re feeling overwhelmed. This has been a long time in the making and we don’t have any guarantee that it will end tomorrow, next week, or even next year.

[Adam Montana] However, as you can see – there is definitely positive things happening and every day does bring us closer. I still see a very positive future for Iraq, so I’m sticking with it. :twocents:

[TexasGranny] Candy01 Hi Adam, They have postponed yet AGAIN the vote on the Antiquities Law, which as you know is critical to the HCL. How much longer can this go on? What about the DFI Funds as of May 22nd?? Thanks for all you do!

[Adam Montana] How long could it go on? I don’t know, you’ll have to ask the owl that one! Regarding the DFI issue, if there is no RV before then I am guessing that they will get another extension just like the past years. :twocents:

[TexasGranny] NORTEC Here is my Question and concern – A few months back “Adam” posted a communication that he visited Belize to rekindle his relationships in regards to opening Bank accounts there – Recently the tiny island country of “Cyprus” had its bank accounts levied (seized) And it is well known that Cyprus was used as a “off shore” haven for assets – It seems that “Belize” could also be a Target for such seizures / thefts from IMF bankers –

The Cayman Islands have the same reputation for supposed safe havens, except they too have released account name holders of Americans – What protects the Belize accounts from the same issues that Cyprus has incurred ? and what protection is there from having American Names released of Belize accounts ? Thanks – NORTEC

[Adam Montana] Good morning Nortec! Good questions, and I think a lot of people are wondering the same thing. First – the situation in Cyprus affected the CITIZENS of Cyprus. Most “offshore” banks there fell outside of that definition. However, the question remains… how safe are Belize or any other offshore banks?

[Adam Montana] The truth is NO banks or locations are ever going to be 100% safe – there will always be dangers and we will always have to be vigilant and mindful of what is happening in any jurisdiction that we happen to keep our money.

[TexasGranny] sxsess Hi Adam, with all the financial turmoil in the world are you still confident in the Seychelles Islands? In your opinion, are they the most secure? Thank you

[Adam Montana] I am still confident in the Seychelles as a headquarters for offshore corporations, yes. In fact, I’m confident enough to say that I am not even worried about the long term future for them – their main export is PRIVACY. If they succumb to any requests to lessen their privacy, they would basically be shooting themselves in the foot. I just don’t see it happening.

[Adam Montana] next please!

[TexasGranny] coorslite21 Your thoughts on… 1……..Maliki…..good or bad for us in this investment?…..If he has to go….how long before an RV after he is replaced? 2……..Is it Iraq…..or the IMF….who is controlling the RV………or someone else?? 3……..Shabbibi…..was he good or bad for us………was his goal to bunny-ear the currency? Thanks

[Adam Montana] 1. Good or bad, he’s the guy who will get the job done at this time. If he gets replaced, then the next “talking head” will do the job. I don’t care who does it, as long as it gets done! 2. Iraq is in contrl of the rate, not the IMF. 3. Shabibi was bad for the potential to RV, which in my opinion has a LOT to do with his removal. :twocents:

[TexasGranny] phlip Adam, I’m still trying to understand the mechanics of an IQD RV as you have explained it. For example, in a recent DV forum post a member copied and pasted parts of a 2003 Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA) mandate that said…

[Adam Montana] hey phlip – I apologize for your question being clipped. It would be unfair for me to comment on another members post when I didn’t read it.

[TexasGranny] azsunnin Thanks Adam! Some expect the U.S. economy to fail in the near future. If that happens, exchanging for dollars may not be the best choice. In that event what would you consider the alternate use of our Dinars to be? Perhaps the RV is waiting for, or is planned to aid in, the collapse. I’m not asking for financial advice just your speculation to a hypothetical situation.

[Adam Montana] Good question. At this time my answer is pure speculation, but based on how things are… precious metals might be worth a few moments of consideration.

[TexasGranny] dtard The pumpers all say ” 22 is back wall, they have hundreds of reasons to RV!”

Why is RV critical on 22? DFI Fund protection ending? Does any body still think they care about pre RV money or being sued?

Second, what are all these vague statements about HAVE to RV? Every currency worth talking about is in heavy currency wars now, under cutting the exchange rate to cartoon criminal proportions. All this foot dragging by Iraq means one thing to me, they want to start out of the gate with a leg up…….low currency rate to kick but at market. Or in there another reasonable point of view for ALL these combined shenaginagins.

[Adam Montana] dtard, when you mention things that the “pumpers” are saying… keep in mind the sources. :twocents:

[TexasGranny] scottch Adam, What effect, if any, do you feel that the energy boom here in the United States will have on the RV amount if the dollar gets stronger? I have read articles that state that the U.S. will be less dependant on OPEC oil by 2017.

[Adam Montana] scotch, good question!

[Adam Montana] When I think back on it, I seem to recall seeing very similar articles 5 and 10 and 15 years ago. Aren’t we already supposed to be less dependant on foreign oil? I have a hard time putting any stock in articles that give dates like that – we’ve seen time and again that we just keep going back to the middle east for our oil. Government funded programs and mandates and laws forcing us become less reliant simply don’t work, and the free market is so heavily regulated we’ll never get anywhere at this rate

[Adam Montana] heck, Fisker just went under. The Volt was an abysmal failure. … Solyndra. I could go on for hours… but I won’t. The bottom line is Iraq will most likely RV long before we are ever completely off the middle eastern dependancy.

[TexasGranny] millionaire in training Hey Adam, Do you think that theres a chance that the dinar could reinstate instead of revalue?

[Adam Montana] I do not. A “ReValue” involves calculating what the market can sustain, a “ReInstatement” does not. Even if the RV rate was identical to a past rate, it would still be considered a re”Value”

[TexasGranny] seks Adam, Thanks for all you and the Ladies do for us, Quick question and I’ve read it some were, When we head to Belize, what was the resort name that had the golf course ?

[Adam Montana] I don’t know the name, but it’s right outside of Belize City between Caye Caulker and San Pedro. I hope to see you there soon! :tiphat:

[TexasGranny] ALBUNDY Hi Mr. Adam montana. What do you think about these articles Mr. Adam montana? Will these delay our RV Mr. Adam Montana? “Central Bank denies the theft of 10 tons of gold reserves and threatens to sue absolute statements unless proven…” (articles clipped)

[Adam Montana] I don’t think they are directly related.

[TexasGranny] dinarbeleiver Hi Adam thanks for everything you do. One question do you think the current situation with North Korea might have an impact or delay on the iraqi dinar appreciating

[Adam Montana] That’s another great question. North Korea (“Little Kim” 😆 ) is something everyone, including Iraq, is going to be keeping an eye on – but I do not believe the current situation will delay any rate changes. Now… if they actually launch a nuke at us or someone else, that’s a different story. But at this time, I say no.

[TexasGranny] SnowGlobe7 We have all seen an increase of the value …ever so slight…over the years with no release of chapter seven. What are the chances if an increase to almost a penny, yet no lifting of chapter seven? Can they go to say, a penny and never lift Chapter 7 and go international? If they do where would we stand?

[Adam Montana] The questions this week are great! You make a good point – they could indeed do that. The good news] is that if they did that, at some point we could just get tired of waiting and cash in for a decent profit. There’s nothing wrong with that

[Adam Montana] Profit is profit is profit, my friends! Hope for the best, but if we have to settle for what SnowGlobe suggested, hope it happens soon.

[Adam Montana] That’s it for this week (so far)! Everyone have a great day, thanks for the great questions

[Saint] Adam Montana awesome news as always. We await patiently. Let them get it done already. TG thanks for posting.

[Adam Montana] Saint I wouldn’t call it “news”, but no bad news is good news

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