Another Bank Story at 3S’s Intel 3-1-12

[BellaGrits] A MEMBER of 3sintel ~ Asher’s BANK STORY THURSDAY:

To me, this is the best news I have personally received up to this point. I dropped by my bank this afternoon (Thursday), one of the big four.

The Branch Manager came out of his office, greeted me, and introduced me to this lady who turned out to be the Regional Branch Manager. After the introduction, he looked at the Branch Manager and said quietly, “He is a Dinar Holder.”

She turned to me and said, “Then you will be working with ____ and _____ and named two Wealth Managers. I said to both of them that I heard there were some positive developments, and they both nodded and said yes, there was information coming down from above.

[BellaGrits] I was taken upstairs and introduced to a Wealth Manager, and he wanted to start the ball rolling right then. I had to set the appointment for the next day.

He asked me if it would be okay to bring in several other professionals to be part of the meeting. I agreed! Are you kidding, you bet I agreed.

The Wealth Manager said that he would make sure that everything was set up to work in my best interest. I said to him that the thing I wanted to see was the RV rate on their teller screens.

He asked me to bring in all paperwork that would aide in this endeavor. I await my 2PM Friday appointment. This thing is real fellow Dinarians!!!!

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