Another Bank Story from 3S’s Intel 3-20-12

Max says, “My banker can come to me. He knows where I live.”

Bank Story From 3sintel: (author wishes name removed) The author is a former Marine:

YW FYI WON’T go into details but actions between a top 4 bank, exchanging Dinar when International ,my assoc. and myself was as follows ” we were offered to cash in our Dinar last evening about 6 EST a ways from my area for a high single figure , We agreed and the money was to be wired to our accounts, before we left prior to completing the transaction.

His ,the Bankers VP BOSS said not to do the transaction because they will give us double that figure in 24 hrs or less. The initial transaction was arranged by my friend , Who is the relative of the bank officer and attached to a major ,major group of Dinar holders FACT, Maybe some of the members are but I didn’t go to the bank.

I can only tell you that this is the truth ,the rate looks great, it’s a top 4 bank. The reason I’m saying this as I normally keep what I know close to me Marine Corp bkgrnd is THIS IS REAL & IS HAPPENING ! GOOD NEWS

If you do pass this leave my name out pleeeease !!!!!!! I promise you this is true
ask XXXXXX about me …..I told of an isolated incident myself and another have experienced, we have NOT exchanged our monies yet ,we will all exchange before weeks end IMO .

We had the opportunity to cash in but the banker, who was my friends family was told in front of us NOT TO why was not explained but he would be able to exchange for twice that shortly . My friend left his dinar (family) I did not for obvious reasons

Hey I’m so glad everyone is happy !!! Let’s stay that way ! What I’ve experienced
,saw heard,are facts !!! I live in VA it happened 2 hrs from my house in a
bordering state with one of the big 4 It’s REAL,IT’S DONE like the intel providers have been saying . I am at rest 4 the 1st x in this venture

I shared a personal experience, which I normally don’t do about this investment
because they have not been verifiable, this because it was a GOOD /GREAT exp.
and I was there.

[teochi22] gazza the story from XXXXXXXXX is the real deal, if it were not he would not have posted it, gives me the most confidence i have had on this ride. i love our intel providers but this is from one of us

kenbo] XXXXXXXX- cant tell you how much I appreciate your service as a marine… thank you … I also thank you for stepping into fire again with this info you shared..

XXXXXXX] drl I am not a banker ,other than when they retired me out of the USMC and Bronx VA My 1st job was an installment loan officer trainrer for CHASE in 1971

XXXXXXX] drl,musiccitylady,my friend left his Dinar I didn’t but was invited to come back if I had any trouble in VA ,he said I shouldn’t. drl I know not where the figures came from ,how they were derived ,but, before he got to me
the Bankers boss another VP said if you wait “shortly” you can get double

XXXXXXX: When we left the BANK on our way back home to VA a 2 hr drive my friend (it was his banker a family member /not mine)he thought he’d be getting the money wired within 24hrs. the bankers exact words ” shortly ” Myself knowing the situation in Iraq as it really is, and how some banks are so not ready IMO 48

XXXXXXXXXX: FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH !!! This has never happened before ! I accessed DB to see if rates changed after checking CBI and no update yet for 21st kinda late ,and received a warning from AVAST my security system warning me of a Trojan Horse virus they blocked.

I did that 2 more times 5 minutes apart and received the same warning both times

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