ArizonaHeat Chat in 3S’s Intel 3-14-12

ArizonaHeat: It’s been a while since I last posted. For good reason, there was nothing new to report. Until today, I received information yesterday that I wanted confirmed before I put it out. 1) Shabibi met with Christine LeGarde yesterday. From what I was told it was to go over the details of Iraq’s finances. 2)

There is now a big push to keep as much dinar within Iraq borders as possible. Accompany this with the defense minister being set, the budget set, arbil set, and Maliki making good on 500 billion to Kuwait. And last but not least the Arab Summit.

I feel this information coupled with some Washington folks saying this situation is nearing its end, I feel great about our investment. I still hold no date or rate; I’m just looking at all the positives that seem to be coming our way. .

Remember, the restructure of Greece is a blue print for the IMF to restructure Spain, Portugal and Italy. Here’s the trick, the IMF does not have the funds to accomplish all that needs to be done

[ArizonaHeat] xyz im liking whats been in the news and info from washington. just have to be patient and wait to see what takes place.

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