Australia Dinar Dealer Story – RacerX

Dinar Story From M.I.G. 1-9-2012

[drewzdinar] My buddy was ordering in Australia from a website called He had a friend order from the site yesterday and then today when he went to order another order the site was down. Right away he thought was the site a scam and they ran with the money.

[drewzdinar] He then called the owner of the site because he had saved their contact information and their response was “that the Iraqi government has asked them to stop selling IQD and to halt all transactions”

[12:09:17 AM] AJ33:3: 12:08 AM [TimeisNow] AJ33:3 Just called ***** back and asked him who told him to take his website down .. he said that he has contacts that work closely with the CBI (not the CBI) now monitor that for him and tell him what to do .

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