BellaGrits at 3S’s Intel – The Mirror 3-15-12

Max says, “The Mirror? What does my mirror have to do with the RV? Come on now, must we be bombarded with cliches in the midst of our frustration? Good grief!”

6:35PM CST: 3sIntel [BellaGrits] THE MIRROR: When you look in the mirror, what do you see? When you looked in the mirror today, for example; did you see a person still trapped in the tyranny of poverty or challenging circumstances? When you looked in the mirror, who “did” you see? Is it only tomorrow or the next day, perhaps when the revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar comes– will you see the person “redefined” by your wealth then? Will it be only after you have cashed in via the bank will you look into the mirror and see the person of wealth and influence?

[BellaGrits] Will it be when the RV has finally hit the banks, you see the person of abundance and affluence that you ALREADY are? We must know money will never define us; we may think it will–but it’s our character and our hearts that will define us–not our wallet. When, I ask you, will you see in the eyes “of the person looking back,” this road we have endured together has helped forge the person we will become?

[BellaGrits] When, I ask you, do you look in the mirror and see the person you should/could be. Our time is at hand to ask the hard questions of ourselves. It is NOT what we will do with the money that will be important; however, who will the person in the mirror be when we are blessed with the abundance of the RV???

[BellaGrits] Will we carry ourselves with grace, with dignity, with our humble hearts, with our giving hands….a proud person, a respected person, an example to lead and provide for our friends, family, and strangers…. Who and what will you see? It’s worth the time to give some thought….. Who are you in the mirror, and who will you become? ……………….BellaGrits

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