BellaGrits in MIG Chat 1-12-12

[Precious] [BellaGrits] Good Morning……..I know Freeway Bill was in this morning and posted news for you, and again, we didn’t get much sleep…but know much progress was made in reference to persons from our US Government in IRAQ during the “wee hours” as Jonny stated of our night/their morning. This is all great news!!! I don’t think Sec State Hillary Clinton was attending a tea by an stretch of the imagination. Please know things are moving forward today, and I fully expect this to be a great day for all of us!!!!

This is the rest of the chat by BellaGrits posted in 3S’s forum by AndieZ1

[BellaGrits] Please know you may see misinformation and personally I am not even reading the IRAQ newspapers at the time….

[abbydoll1114] BellaGrits good morning thanks for the efforts and information that you FreewayBill and jonnywg provide. There are those of us here that appreciate it….

[BellaGrits] abbydoll1114 you are more than welcome….I know Freeway Bill and I are both tired…Jonny is tired…BWM, spoke with him earlier….we are all working as a team as you all should be too…..please know you have every right to be positive today…. as long as we are progressing, that’s all that matters!!

Lojak and Freeway Bill Thursday Morning posted by Highhopes at PTR Forum 01/12/2012

[FreewayBill] Good Morning …. well we had information that we would see this overnight… Have not checked bankscreens yet this morning, so really don’t have anything concrete… Biden and Hillary were indeed in Iraq yesterday and finalization on RV is complete… We are just waiting for them to announce this bad boy! Have a great day and know that we are the closest we can be right now…. Cashing in is just around the corner… GOD BLESS

[lojak] Yep, So I just saw Bill post about Hillary and Biden–so for those of you that attacked me last night in chat about that intel–shane in you lol

lojak] we look I surprised we havent seen it? yes..but my understanding is that some announcements are forthcoming…

[lojak] MRP mamari4 I’m great and yes today look good…I woke up several “gurus” this morning already to get some confirms…its always exciting when you get other people with the same info…so lets see how today plays out..

lojak] sevenrays yes, i say what –be careful about some articles that are floating around about hillary–they are dated 2011

[lojak] So I hope you all see the significance of H & B going over there for the day…

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