BellaGrits in the 3’s Chat 1-12-12

11:28 PM [BellaGrits] I have spent a year in this investment, and I can honestly say I feel comfortable for the first time to go to sleep….I truly feel this is our nite and we can put a twist on Friday the 13th…waking up to a day of something we have dreamed of for so very long- some more than others.

That’s my opinon….3 days ago was the largest misinformation day ever! The past 2 days were the calmest days ever….that spells RV to me on it’s way….can’t say for 100% ofcourse, but I sure pray for all of us tomorrow is our day to receive our blessing and share–drop to our knees, and thank the Lord he gave us this gift.

Paying it forward is going to be the best!!!! JMO….

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