BGG and Poppy3 Chat 1-20-12

8:13 PM [mona lisa] silence123 I forgot that Poppy3 or BGG already said everything is DONE DONE DONE. We aren’t waiting on hcl.

8:31 PM [BGG] Yes – I will confirm that both Poppy and I have gotten highly credible info for the last week to ten days that everything needed to happen politically has been done and agreed to (at least in principle). The only thing lacking is official announcements. However, we pretty much said as much way over a week ago.

8:33 PM [BGG] I only give advice that I take myself. I’ve been working (mostly errands today)….and getting on with life. Which is a real blessing – because in the last couple of months I got an awful lot of stuff done I would have had to do immediately post-RV anyway. I’m just lots more ready!!

8:34 PM [BGG] Remember this one?? Relax, get on with life and check in here once in a while – I promise…..I repeat – I promise, we will let you know the split second we know.

8:34 PM [BGG] I’m really expecting some realistic news sometime in the next 24 hours or so…

8:35 PM [lobster] BGG : So……………that said(very good news), what kind of time frame do you think we are looking at?

8:35 PM [BGG] lobster – won’t even begin to try going there. I report – you decide.

8:36 PM [lobster] BGG : Well, you just answered my question. Thanks for the info.

8:38 PM [BGG] BBL

8:47 PM [poppy3] tomorrow is friday their holy day and they occasionally make announcements in the mosque. While I am not expecting anything overwhelming at all If they wanted to surprize us or catch us off guard it would be a good day for it. Next I am investigating a special called meeting I am hearing that may happen Sat or Sun. that may provide us with great news but the contact has not followed up with me if the meeting is for sure scheduled so hang on it or when I get confirmation I will post it ASAP. STAY BLESSED AND READY TO DO BUSINESS. QUESTION HAVE YO WRITTEN DOWN YOUR FIRST 10 THINGS TO DO I TOLD YOU TO DO. POPPY3

8:48 PM [lobster] poppy3 : Thanks for the info.

8:49 PM [Ambi] poppy3 yes, and thank you

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