BGG Lays It Down 10-18-12

Here are some of my thoughts…think about the facts – not the “Maliki spin”. Maliki is almost always preemptive when he “stirs things up”. He knew the opposition was forming up against him and has had no intention of “sharing power”…no matter what he has said. He wanted no part of this “National Meeting”.

A bit over a week ago…

1) The CBI (Shabibi) put out an article – they were basically ready to address the currency value – they were just waiting on the government (as in Maliki to implement the “power sharing” agreement – see why now??).

2) Jubouri came out asking (“calling for”) Shabibi to allow the value of the Dinar to be a “free-float”, market value…

3) Maliki went to Russia and Czech Republic signing weapons contracts (purely unconstitutional) to put pressure on the US and give him some political breathing room. He was angling for a little political “space”…(even though he was told not to go…)

4) Maliki sent troops, artillery and tanks to surround the disputed city of Kirkuk (making a lot of people pretty mad).

5) Maliki’s gang on the CoM (Council of Ministers) issued an arrest warrant for Dr Shabibi

P.S. the CoM (this is a brand new entity – AKA Council of Ministers – not the normal Parliamentary Integrity Commission) isn’t the Parliamentary oversight intended by the Iraqi Constitution.

6) The Chief Justice on the SJC vacated the arrest warrant for Dr Shabibi and assured discipline for the issuing judge.

7) The Parliament had 5-6 laws lined up to vote on that would essentially “sew Maliki up” and once he saw no way out – he organized an SLC boycott and walkout to avoid the coming accountability (this was on Monday).

8) Dr Shabibi came back from Tokyo and started back to work not fearing for anything.

9) Maliki unilaterally removed Dr Shabibi and put an “interim” (AKA – someone who would do whatever he wants). It is unclear if this is just a “move on paper” that he knows has no chance or there is something more to it.

I recounted this because it appears everyone has forgotten this chain of events?? How anyone can look at Maliki overtaking the CBI and their reserves as a good thing absolutely boggles my mind. HE’LL BUY WEAPONS WITH THE MONEY SHABIBI WOULD HAVE USED TO ENSURE YOUR Dxxx RV!!!!

I fully expect this latest move to come under great scrutiny over the next few days – it is almost sure to undergo Judicial Revue…not to mention a probable international (as in UN) intervention.

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