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Hello Updaters!! Today’s Blog was done exclusively by member contribution. I just assembled it for them and provided some commentary. I hope you like YOUR (done by the members – Thanks so much) Blog today – BGG 😉

*** Current News ***

From (member) SWFloridaGuy –

Urgent … Iraq: We are ready to (50 +1) and we will withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki during the day

A source from within the coalition in Iraq that the “meeting in Arbil have received the approval of the (50 +1) of the votes required for the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki during the next few days.”

The source, who preferred anonymity, said that “the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List and the Sadrists have done during the past two weeks to conduct numerous contacts with members of the bloc and some deputies from other blocs in order to persuade them to vote to withdraw confidence from Maliki, when asked in the House of Representatives” , asserting that they “have received the approval of the (50 +1) is required to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.”

The source said that “the leaders now meet in Kurdistan to put the final touches on the mechanism and timing of withdrawal of confidence from the Prime Minister that will not exceed the week-the highest estimate,” revealing at the same time that “the time has carried out and that the mediation has failed to bend the will of the community Erbil and Najaf in decline the decision to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, not to implement the latest demands and Tsuifa its uniqueness and power

CaptainD (member) most accurately pointed out the (50+1) refers to “half plus one” required to effect a “no confidence vote” upon Maliki. My comment regarding the “during the day” part of the title – it’s Arabic “slang” for “soon” or the current period…not so much a specific day.

My other comment is some redneck “slang” – Mr. McSlicky is about to get his @xx kicked… 😉 I know there are some opinions that he will stay – this info is out for a reason. I might expand on the logic later.

From (member) Newmonies –

Ethel Nujaifi: number needed to dismiss al-Maliki will be required beyond the first prime minister said the democratically

Baghdad / WAP / governor of Nineveh province said the leader of the Iraqi List, Ethel Najafi: “The number of deputies who signed the dismissal of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to be exceeded, and will be the first Prime Minister of Iraq are being sacked in a democratic way.

He told Baghdad International / WAP / Thursday morning: “the Iraqi List, so far collected 70 signatures, in addition to 10 is expected to sign Thursday of the present in faraway places.”

He added: “The Sadrist movement signed 40 dismissal of the signing of the blood-Maliki, as well as the Kurdistan Alliance and its members completed the signing of the modern with a list of constant change, bringing the number to 57.”

He noted that “some members of the National Alliance and signed Lee dismissal, and the Supreme Council has promised a vote within the Council on the dismissal, but they did not sign with the signatories.”

He explained: “I started the first practical steps to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki, and expressed his hope” that we hear good news in two days to announce the victory of the Iraqi will to the will of other countries. / End

“Nuri al-Maliki……….will be the first Prime Minister of Iraq are being sacked in a democratic way”. That had such a nice ring to it I had to use it again. Najafi’s brother is getting some face time lately – but like I said, he’s probably talking to his brother daily and giving us the “skinny”!! I know my brothers would – Ha Ha!! Nice find Newmonies.

From (member) OfCourse13 –

Sadr vows to provide the necessary votes to topple al-Maliki – Talabani’s call for an emergency parliamentary meeting to vote to change the Maliki

…..But a source involved in the meetings of Dukan, informed the “Culture” in a telephone call, that the meeting aimed at persuading Talabani’s approval of the request from the Council of Representatives may withdraw confidence from the government of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki. He stressed that the leaders of the Kurdistan Alliance and the Iraqi List, the Sadrists and Maliki’s coalition lawmakers from Talabani assured they are determined to withdraw confidence from the government so it will call for an emergency parliamentary session, leaving lawmakers decide the fate of no-confidence. Parliament has legislative Batbh will not return to its normal, but on the fourteenth of next month would therefore be an emergency session to vote.

The Iraqi List and the Kurdistan Alliance and the block free of the Sadrist movement have held a meeting last Monday in Irbil, which affirmed their commitment to implement all the decisions made during the meeting of Najaf and continue to hold consultative meetings and expand in the coming days, referring to a withdrawal of confidence…

Sadr vows to provide the necessary votes to topple al-Maliki!!

….Pledged to the leader of the Sadrist movement in Iraq, Moqtada al-Sadr, secure the necessary votes to withdraw confidence from the government, stressing the absence of any foreign agendas from neighboring countries or the Gulf behind the efforts of current political leaders, to achieve this goal, considering the allegations repeated by deputies of the State of Law Coalition led by Maliki in order to drop the his opponents, called al-Hashemi to non-interference in this regard….
This was a long article – I could only put a couple excerpts here. It’s great news for us…However, I think both Sadr and Barzani have gotten something stuck in their craw that only a good “fist fight” will dislodge. Maliki should really stay home with the shutters drawn. LOL!!

From (member) OfCourse13 –

Electrodes: more than 200 deputies actually signed on the withdrawal of confidence from Mr. al-Maliki

Nuaimi – CairoDr. Ahmed electrodes member Iraqi Council of Representatives for the Iraqi List, in an interview with (center event news) that the decision to withdraw confidence from Mr. Maliki and his government had already taken and the political blocs now the process of collecting signatures of deputies to see how many who will support the withdrawal of confidence from Mr. Maliki, according to the information that I received far from Irbil that number has Tjazo the (200) Deputy caught actually to withdraw confidence.And on that Maliki will publish pieces of military in Baghdad and the Green Zone to the military coup as if it were to withdraw confidence from said electrodes, “that this is not true and Maliki can not do this because this is a democratic process and the peaceful transfer of power and that if he did that means a military coup would lead to civil war. ““The fact that the next few days there will be a special meeting to vote the no-confidence, and there Marchihan will be announced them in a timely manner. “confirmed “that one of the justifications for the withdrawal of confidence from al-Maliki is the process of arbitrary arrests and human rights abuses and the deteriorating situation in the country, prompting the political blocs to draw the confidence of Mr. Maliki.”

If this is true – Maliki’s goose is cooked. I did say a while back to keep an eye on the meetings and when Hakim shows up – it’s over. Well – he showed up yesterday (and a bunch more folks too). Great find Ofcourse13.

From (member) Newmonies –

Conclusion of the meeting between the political leaders of Sulaimaniya and wait out a common complaint

Sulaymaniyah / WAP / meeting concluded Sulaymaniyah, Wednesday, which was held between the leaders of Iraq and the Kurdistan Alliance and the Sadrists and other parties. A source close to the meeting told the people of Baghdad International / WAP / that the meeting which was held in the resort of Dukan concluded workers, and ponder out a concluding statement shortly. The source noted that the meeting included President Jalal Talabani and the Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani, the head of the House of Representatives Osama Najafi and Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, the leader of the coalition in Iraq, Iyad Allawi and Ahmed Chalabi, Mustafa Yacoubi and a representative of a competent al-Sadr, Sheikh Sabah al-Saadi and other dignitaries.

Looks like the next short period of time will give us some more complete answers but for today – it was good news. Everyone seems to be on the edge of their seat.

From (member) Letsdance –

Electrodes: the political forces to discuss the stage of “post-” al-Maliki, and there are three candidates for prime minister

BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi bloc MP Ahmed electrodes, Wednesday, that the political blocs meeting in the Kurdistan region has become discusses the post-Maliki, adding that there are three candidates from the National Alliance will be voting on one of the prime minister. Said electrodes to the Agency (Voices of Iraq) that “the political leaders based in Sulaimaniyah has become today discussed the post-Maliki and configuration to form a national government is able to achieve all of the political agreements and the achievement of a national partnership real.” The electrodes that “the leaders of political blocs went to the residence of President Jalal Talabani in Sulaimaniyah to deliver a message that includes the withdrawal of confidence from the al-Maliki, and will then President of the Republic as a Sponsor of the Constitution to send a message to the parliament to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister.” He continued that “there are three candidates from the National Alliance for prime minister, one of them will be voted on in the meeting of the Council of Representatives to come.” A source close to President Jalal Talabani, said on Wednesday that a meeting was held, between Talabani and Kurdish regional President Massoud Barzani, to discuss the withdrawal of confidence in Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki.

This is another thing I have been talking about – I am sure they are talking about who will be the “intern” PM once this vote happens. Very bad for the SLC – very good for us. The other good news – all 3 potentials are out of the NA. It doesn’t look like they want to disassemble the government – just Maliki.

Here are some interesting headlines…

From (member) Letsdance – Rivers parliamentary bloc: the withdrawal of confidence from the government would not work, and the solution Talabani’s initiative

That might be true – but I bet the withdrawl of “confidence” from Maliki alone will work just fine. We’re about to find out – huh?!?

From (member) Letsdance – Adel al-Maliki: meetings for a number of political blocs in private does not lead to positive results

We’re a day or so away from “positive results” from these private meetings – and if you guys weren’t such “jackwaggons” they wouldn’t be private. You might have gotten an invite!!

*** Rumor Comments *** – May 31st

From abuelita – Rumor – Any truth to the rumor that more “bad people” need put in jail before an RV??

Other than Maliki – probably not. That’s just more “cooked up” weirdo, fear mongering. Highly unlikely there’s any reality to it at all.

From Loveit2 – Rumor – Obama was scheduled to announce the RV at 7:00pm CST last nite.

This came out of the PP camp (in a Press Release) – I don’t think there was ever a plan for him to come out and talk about it. Completely untrue…and obviously – didn’t happen.

From Loveit2 – Rumor – all this stuff and articles about Iraq. Malikis in – oops, no hes out, we’re having a meeting, oops, no were not. We’re gonna “no vote” Maliki out, oops – no were not. Is this just all the smoke being blown up our b*** sides before this deal goes down? Killing time?

I doubt it. There is a lot of back and forth in the media – I predicted this. However, this isn’t some “shell game” – it’s as real as it gets. High stakes – about 1/5th of all the oil in the world. Is that real enough??

From Gypsy Vardo – Rumor – ”Looks as if the Erbil Crisis is resolved! The apparent sticking point all the while appears to be the lack of defined boarders for the division of Kirkuk according to Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution.”

Yeah – probably not. The border issue was actually solved some time ago (a month?) and the rest isn’t quite handled yet. I don’t know why the Iraqi press was making news of this just now – but it’s old stuff.

And HEY!! – ”Let’s be careful out there”!! In Dinar Rumorland…

If you find a crazy rumor or have a question about something you’ve heard – bring it to one of the Mods over at and we’ll use it here. Thanks!!

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