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blah-blah-blah“Hey, Max here. As the DinarWatchdog, it’s my job, duty and honor to bring you the latest and greatest information from around the web on the Iraqi Dinar. Regular subscribers and visitors here know that I don’t post, just to post any ole Blah, Blah that typically circulates around the forums, etc. Lately, there has been very little that I would consider noteworthy, so there’s not much to report.”

“So, this should be viewed more a public service announcement when I encourage you to Check Your Facts, Be Mindful Of Whom You Listen To and Trust Your Gut. And if all else fails, put on a blindfold and throw a dart at your calendar. Maybe you’ll hit the RV date!”

blah-and-more-blah“Oh, and by the way. I really appreciate you guys. You’re all right by me :)”

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