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Millionaire54: Good Morning, to BLAINO and all the MODS. Planet we have confirmation that the VOTE today in IRAQ is in our favor. One trillion 300 million IRAQ DINAR is being distributed to all regions. No more delays!! We still wait for our EMAIL. Great week ahead. God Bless America and all Dinar holders.

Millionaire54: LINK: for VOTE INFO

[Wisdom] OK.. GONNA RUN WITH A THOUGHT HERE… as my usual Optimistic self… and dealing with the facts as I know them. We’ll keep from any wild speculations to keep it plain and simple, well as simple as it can be at this point.

[Wisdom] SO we’re hearing that they WILL be meeting tonight/tomorrow to pass laws and vote on the 2013 budget. That is a fact. I say tonight, due to time zones differences. Monday for them.

[Wisdom] Question is…. WILL THE RV be released upon the passing of the 2013 budget or do they need to have the RV to meet their budget as it’s being passed for the year to cover all their bills?

[Wisdom] Well they’ve proposed a budget of 138 Trillion Dinar for the 2013 Budget, with a stipulation of barrels of oil price of 90 dollars/barrel being what they will base it on to cover all expenses.

[Wisdom] Will this be realistic on their part to be able to function internally? Well that’s what is being brought up over there. They are saying that IF the price of oil drops lower than that 90 D/B mark than they will suffer hardships with some of their undertakings, BUT if it follows trends as it has, then they will have s urplus funds to be able to expand their infrastructure programs.

Wisdom WHAT DID THEY DO WITH ALL THE MONEY THE UN GAVE THEM THAT HAS BEEN HELD SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE WAR? ladydi54 Sorry was on a roll there, and yes, that is what I’m figuring that would be about with the Moneybox being manned again.

[Wisdom] There is the school of thought that the revaluation is NEEDED to support the budget for 2013 and so would have to happen with the passing of it before it could be a reality for Iraq to be able to meet it’s expenses.

[Wisdom] Does Erbil hold up the RV from taking place? I have to address this question because I’ve always, as anyone has heard me in the past on the calls say, that there was a check list that I’d stood by of things that I believed needed to be in place before I would EXPECT the RV to show.

Erbil was one of them on the top of that list. BUT….. That was while Shabibi was in charge and the head of the CBI, now he’s not. My thoughts on that are that Maliki deliberately had him removed to get more control over the CBI and thus be able to get more funding for the Iraqi Government from the bank itself.

Did that happen? Don’t think it turned out the way he expected, only brought a whole lot more attention to the running of the bank and what happens with it’s loans/funding to the country.

Shabibi was solid on his demands that ERBIL MUST BE IN PLACE BEFORE THE RV would be allowed to happen. He’s not there… has this released that promise?

Not sure at this point, it may be that it was a way for Maliki to allow it to be pushed through without having to share the power between the other 2 presidents.

Wisdom: The thing at this point is that Maliki has lost his hold on things and knows it. He’s run out of excuses and blocks to things that are inevitably pushing things towards having to relinquish his dictatorial rule over the country.

Wisdom: I’d said on the calls time and time again that Brazani was Talabani’s “Mouth Piece” at the meetings for the Kurdish region. He’s always taken a more aggressive role when dealing with Maliki on the demands that were on the table. This is why there WILL BE the 17% of oil profits going to the Kurdish and also why the foreign oil company contracts WILL BE recognized in the 2013 Budget as it is written right now.

There will be laws that will be voted on tomorrow that will allow the budget to go through as it has been spelled out. Maliki is having to give at this point and should not be an issue or a hold up.

Wisdom: Erbil, Article 140, Chapter 7’s removal to Article 8, the oil contracts, and a couple of other issues were on that list that I’d said NEEDED to be DONE and agreed upon to get the RV in place and released. Am I sticking by that list at this point…. NO!

The reason being that things are being agreed upon within this budget and within the laws being passed that are covering most of what is stipulated in those other demands… Article 140 is a biggie, that is being worked into the budget… One off the list… Erbil…

Their going to be dealing with that BEFORE the next elections can take place, otherwise what good would it do to have elections if these folks don’t have a say in matters, since things aren’t being done that they ALL PASSED into becoming law… If not the words and thoughts of the people, then what do you have?

The demands of MALIKI! NOT COOL!! This is what the Sunni’s are protesting about right now and are demanding action.

Wisdom: Does Chapter 7 keep them from revaluing? Well let’s put it this way… It’s my belief at this point that the RV could definitely help matters with the removal of Ch7 from the country.

The instability they are facing now is what’s keeping the UN from removing them from CH7 and the sanctions that it imposes on their interaction with the rest of the worlds economies as a stable trading nation and recognized as such.

SO I have to say that this COULD DEFINITELY HAPPEN BEFORE we would see them remove CH7 from everything I’m understanding at this point.

It is NOT something that is controlled by the UN so it would not be something that would be able to keep it from happening.

Wisdom] As I’d said OFF THE START of this… MY OPTIMISTIC SELF feels that THIS COULD HAPPEN NOW!! I have been on this ride for as long as anyone else, and so I’m not just blowing this into the wind to get a reaction.

This is YEARS of watching and waiting, but more so UNDERSTANDING where it is at this point and what the holdups/holdouts are for this to be released.

I’D ALWAYS referred to myself on the calls as “THE WET BLANKET” because I would not commit to saying that it was going to happen in the next hour/ day/ week …. but always said it was soon!

And NOW I DO SEE that things are in the works, and for the past couple of weeks… have actually been on edge for kicking this thing off. Iraq is a player in this and MUST have some order to be able to comply with an RV. Are they solely in control, No way in sand!

We’re talking about a world banking economy that is tied into this entire transaction. IS THE US in control of the RV, NO WAY in DC are they in control of anything alone… Shoot … WE haven’t even passed a budget since 2009, so what would make anyone think we could pull something like this off on our own.

This is a WORLD Currency event and as such is going to stabilize the majority of the Worlds currencies and countries. Some are already seeing the currency war’s taking place to keep their own country from going to high when this does hit, dropping it dramatically each week or even day to be ready for the reset.

[Wisdom] World powers are at wits ends each other as they scramble for low guy on the totem poll of currencies values before the rest, which would keep the influx of trade and industry flowing in their direction without interruption.

If you got the lower overhead costs for producing then you get ALL THE CONTRACTS! This is what we’ve been having to deal with that’s caused such unemployment and instability in our own country.

We can’t keep any smart business ventures within our boarders because it’s BAD BUSINESS choices for anyone starting a business venture to consider, much less try to keep one afloat in these times without looking at how to crop the overhead for your bottom line. jam777, I would be kidding myself if I didn’t think this was tied, not only into Iraq’s budget for 2013, but ours as well.

I was very aware of what effect the Kuwaiti Revaluation had on our economy back when it went through under most radars. The military and Social Security recipients, were being told that they would have to get “vouchers” on their paychecks and so were a lot of other government workers.

And ALL OF A SUDDEN…. BAMMM… we got “SURPLUS FUNDS” from out of the blue!! OH YEAH….

THANK YOU PRES.CLINTON! Right… he just happened to be such a economic genius that he was able to “FIX” our budget with a wave of his hand. NO ONE SAID A WORD about that fact that this was an agreed upon payment from the Kuwaitis in exchange for the US to drop troops into the country and take back Kuwait from Saddam’s troops, and force them to withdraw.

[Wisdom] target Yes I do believe we are on “Target” for this to happen… any time from tomorrow on! I do think that there is a “Possibility” from here on that we could see it in any order of ALL the items on the list I’d mentioned being passed, sooner or later, as they line up.

I cannot in any way find a logical reason that this could not happen immediately. The potential for it to happen with the sequester being right around the corner climbs daily!! THAT IS WHAT I BELIEVE would be our “OUT” so to speak, of having our own NATIONAL train wreck for the economy of the US and the US Military.

HOW RECKLESS would that be, for OUR GOVERNMENT to allow the security of the Nation, let alone the security of our allies or the security of our foreign interests, to be threatened because of a budget shortfall brought upon by our inability to figure out that we have waited way too long for things to be set in motion and secured. THIS HAS BEEN …. WORDS OF WISDOM!

[Wisdom] target hahaha hahaha hahaha Great minds think alike!! I was just thinking that same thing! lol

[Wisdom] I believe there is more of a chance that this is connected with our own budget as well as Iraq’s budget, along with the rest of the EU countries than the possibility that it’s standing all on it’s own unaffected by the rest of the world in it’s making or it’s release! WAY TOO MUCH INVOLVED or tied into resolving Iraq’s passed issues and debts not to all be tied together.

[Wisdom] jam777 You too are very welcome my friend… I wouldn’t have it any other way than to put it out there for everyone on the planet to understand and pose questions to…. I mean after all… it’s all our lives that this will make a big difference in, and it would definitely make one question, WHAT THE HECK ARE WE ALL DOING HERE??? rofl

[Wisdom] target Yeah, for the longest time I knew that there was NO WAY they were going to let O take credit solely back before the elections and then knew there was no way they would let it come out to sway the outcome of the elections… now those are done and I believe that the hold up now would be with our budget and them not wanting to let O continue spending this blank check without figuring out how to fund everything later that will be created from the prosperity….

lets face it… it’s just like we’ll have to figure out once we start spending the money… how will you sustain that life style if you’ve spent everything to get there without any kind of incoming support for where you’ve landed, you’d be broke with no way to keep yourself from backsliding and loosing most if not all of what you’d attained.

They have to realize that and MUST cut back on what we’re spending to sustain where we are now, you erase that debt and folks will think “oh it’s been worked out, they must have figured out how to make all this work as is!” Not realizing, we’d be on the same road, only this time the hill would be steeper and we would have NO BREAKS!!!!

[Wisdom] SO …. Easy Enough for some to say “It won’t happen till May, June, July 2014” but harder to figure out if it’s Possible to happen NOW? That’s the most difficult part, is knowing what exactly the holdups/holdouts have been and the potential for something to happen or not.

I know the 20/20 hindsight is definitely going to make sense once this kicks loose as to why it couldn’t happen before now, or what it was directly tied into in the future, but for now, I can tell you that for me to say it couldn’t happen as of TOMORROW, would be reckless and uninformed.

Those who think this could be pushed off till next summer or even longer, I believe say that because they can’t be sure their sources are solid enough to follow this rabbit down the hole!

Wisdom] target Well studying his tactics and what he’s proposing and passing, I can say as someone who’s been a small business owner for most of my life until this economy tanked, that IF THIS GOES the direction he’s intending…. there won’t BE A MIDDLE CLASS!

No WAY for a middle class to exist, it will be those who have, and those who the government allows to have what they have…. but that’s just me… ok maybe EVERYONE WHO’S MADE THEIR OWN BUSINESSES and hasn’t fallen into the government programs to sustain their way of life, of keep from ending up homeless and relying on that next check to make sure you don’t.

[Wisdom] They might feel the way I do to… lol

[Wisdom] But I try not to get political on here, since I HATE POLITICIANS!! lol

[Wisdom] I’ve known way too many of them in DC personally, and they live in their own BUBBLE inside the beltway. target, I have quite a lot of friends in that class, and if they choke out the business owners by raising taxes like is proposed, they will have no choice but to pack it up and find a job working for someone else to keep them afloat.

[Wisdom] target Our biggest hurdle for business owners of small and upcoming businesses much less the larger businesses that need to cut costs, will be those Health Care Insurance demands that are coming into play.

Those that are in place now… for the most part.. WORK!

They are at a rate that allows the companies to continue to make a profit and grow, while at the same time give the average employee, up until lately, the coverage that is needed to keep you from loosing everything, if you needed treatments or hospitalization.

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