Blaino Chat at PTR 1-24-12


We are all being bombarded daily (hourly) with the news that the RV is imminent. Has anyone
been right yet? Not so far.

But let’s look at some facts: Iraq is running out of money, the
average citizen still has 3 hours of electricity a day, and they live in a desert. That’s about the
same as it was under Hussein.

The stories of the incredible wealth the country has waiting to be
developed is not a secret to the people. They look at their lives on one hand and the potential
future that should already be theirs on the other.

They are slipping back into sectarian violence
and potential civil war. And they realize that it is their own supposed “leaders” that are allowing
this to continue because of their own personal agendas. Politicians. Sound familiar?

But, guess what? At the “last minute” someone is going to have to finally do something. Will it be outside pressure from the rest of the world that causes it, or will it be pressure from the citizens of Iraq that will finally cause these wretched, vile politicians to do the right thing? And then, without fanfare, the RV will be released. And the world changes.

That means that, finally, one of the gurus will be correct………and it just takes one lucky guess to make us all happy. They can have the glory; no one really cares except them.
All of this just to remind you that like Blaino and Steve (Enorrste) keep saying, “Be prepared”.

Those Tuesday and Thursday night trust presentation calls that Robert, the attorney, and Ray, the trust guy offer contain information that you really do owe it to your family to have. You have a choice.

The reality is that many of you (sad to say) will wind up a few years down the road like the majority of the lottery winners; broke and in deep trouble with the IRS.

Some of you have the idea that since you finished high school, or have a college degree, or used to sell insurance, or are a school teacher, or have done some day trading, (or slept at a Holiday Inn) or many other reasons means that you are more than capable of protecting your assets from predators now that you are worth millions.

And that the IRS can just kiss your grits because you heard on the
internet that someone told you their trust would keep you from paying taxes. And since they were going to let you be the trustee also, that was all you needed.

Doesn’t matter what the IRS and the legal system thinks, right? And you are thinking about using a bank account in Belize and use a debit card to keep the IRS from ever finding out about it. (Average jail time, 2 years).

Your first concern needs to be that if you take the cash out into your name or that of any entity owned or controlled by you that you are in all probability going to be audited and then stay on the IRS radar screen the rest of your life.

And you will have no protection from scammers or creditors. Your estate will eventually go through probate and face estate taxes. Maybe that doesn’t bother you.

But what about the rest of your family? Do they want to see the family estate vulnerable both now and in the future? Wouldn’t you be interested in how the super rich in this country keep that from happening to their families?

That’s what the trust calls are all about. These guys will give you a free education, the rest is up to you. Please go to the website and read the educational material and then come to one of their calls. What do you have to lose?

Free education for you to use as you see fit. You won’t regret it. Everything you need to start is on the site.

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