Blaino Live Rate Chat 11-18-12

Nov 17 6:05 PM [Kennypth] Blaino: dinarians of the planetdinar… Saturday continues as planned! Yesterday, i got some fairy exciting news from several sources that indicated the thanksgiving holiday might be far more thankful than some previous YEARS… Let’s hope so!

There is rate news as WELL… Waiting for additional confirmation on that later today or tomorrow. The numbers we got are within the realm of reality…

i couldn’t get here last night, had to exchange my for a replacement… Then spent some time trying to get all that “phone” stuff transferred and updated while constantly getting calls, texts and so ON….

Heard from panda express as WELL…. And they have a tremendous expectancy for the next several days, hinging on two events and we are watching those with interest.

Be enthusiastic and enjoy the weekend until additional news breaks. We will have a text message out to our members as soon as anything comes in.

brbNov 17 6:05 PM [Kennypth] Actually, we have a “live rate” with a hold for RELEASE…. There has not been a rate like this before, which shows a buy and a sell RATE…. And in a believable range too.

Our banker exec that shared that said there has been a flashed rate several times with a warning and an expiration date several times in the last 3 weeks.

Never had a buy/sell rate and never made it this far before either. The type of hold they have on the deal is the kind reserved as a “final hold befor public release” according to this contact.

Nov 17 5:58 pm [kenlad] Blaino: much to do, i have to cover some MILES… More from the road when it comes in! Keep the spirit of the season uppermost in your consciousness and enjoy family, friends and good times!

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