Blaino Post at MIG 7-18-12

[target] [10:07:40 pm] blaino by phone: citizens and DINARIANS….. I’am away from office all day working on projects. Intel has been flowing. Do have NEWS….. Serveral higher up and connected people have apprently exchanged FOR… Escrow deposit account or some kind of “voucher”‘ program. Nothing so far on rate but i’m told we are “very very close.” that’s a direct quote (2 x very!!!)

i”am awaiting additional confirmation. However due to source- I am not discounting this as rumor. This source is directly linked to a major bank and has also strong foreign connections.. Thanks to target for taken this over the phone. Please know that as soon as there is either additional news or additional confirmation i will get the news to you. Thanks, blaino

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