Blaino “Run For Cover” 2-16-13

5:49 pm Blaino: Planeteers… Dinarians and friends across the chat-o-sphere…. Happy Saturday! Our contacts and information partners are still adamant that all is in readiness…. All is complete and all is prepared…. We need only allow the time to pass until the release is moved into the light. It appears to exist in the shadows now and for a brief period of TIME…. More on that a lil LATER….

Most have been silent as the last 16 hours or so have rolled on toward the ultimate satisfaction of our desires! Stand fast and de-stress… We will soon be transported to a brighter future. Look now to your health, your plans and your structure!

You must have structure! If you plan to relocate, it might be best to consider some kind of staged exit. The new cars and all kinds of trappings in your current location could be the string that gets followed by those you would prefer not to associate with, right to your new front DOOR…. A “transfer” from the job is always a safe BET…

Or a new “job” which requires a move might be a good COVER… “i’m (we’re) rich now!” is not the best idea for your own safety or that of your family, both immediate and extended. Be cautious!

And, as i have told you BEFORE…. When “they” start saying how “lucky” you ARE…. Find yourself an exit, it’s about to get ugly! Right behind “you’re so lucky!” comes: “share! You really didn’t do anything to ‘earn the money’… So i (we) deserve some too…after ALL… We’re you ‘loyal’ friends!” there has to be a TIME… And it will not be the ‘perfect’ time everywhere at once. The ‘time’ or “h” hour as the military used to SAY… Now appears to be late tonight in europe, mebby midnight, greenwich mean TIME… Not confirmed!

Blaino So, I’m thinking if the reset happened an hour ago then tomorrow this time will be when China and Australia will be going to the bank for their CE.. is that when we will know if it happened??? now hearing midnight here mebby more LIKELY…. In any event, it will happen really soon! buckle up! Secure loose objects around YOU…..!

Blaino: Magik $3.86 was the last we HAD… Before the foreign currency screens went dark a couple of days AGO… Oh, by the WAY… They are back up and “renumerating” as of this afternoon!!!!!!

Blaino: Maliki’s Goon Judge flees Iraq, this guy fled even though he had 60 days to appeal….Oh what a surprise,, I do believe Maliki’s house of sand is starting to blow apart in the wind! BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq – A source familiar with the Medhat al-Mahmoud Chief Justice Previous fled outside Iraq after the issuance is eradicated today by the Justice and Accountability Commission. For his part, Bakhtiar judge Vice-President of the accountability and justice, that “the Commission included Mahmoud Bograetha legal and gave him a maximum of 60 days to appeal the decision.

“and noted that” four votes against three voted for the inclusion of Mahmood procedures of accountability and justice. “The Justice and Accountability Commission has denied in an earlier statement on the San deputy chief Bakhtiar judge coverage Chief Justice Medhat al-Mahmoud and a number of judges, asserting that some received news about the unfounded and inaccurate and d 5:25 pm documents that prove their credibility and Maitalq Bamahmoud and some judges

Blaino: “this judge was and has been in power since saddam’s days..he is maliki’s right hand judge he goes to when he wants to corrupt things, stop things, get things tossed out of court..he gets this judge to render bogus arrest warrants , etc..

he was the judge in hasheimi’s case that was brought in the last day of trial for the sentencing and they sentenced him with 5 death sentences now..number one they are finding out he has the blood of iraqi’s on his hands so he is not going to be allowed immunity from saddam’s baathist days , and he has been stopped from practicing as a judge period…

this is so huge…maliki no longer controls the you will start seeing the laws fly..the got the top judge from the court of cassation to take over as the head judge of the supreme judicial council instead of mahmoud yesterday..and today he is no longer going to be head of the federal court either… Things are moving quickly …”

Blaino: If this is the announcement that they will allow Maliki to make a deal.. and stay alive in exchange for power sharing.. then we are almost home. MARK, FOB… FRIEND OF BLAINO

Blaino: later ALL… Checking on the timeline…. Back when i find some news!

Blaino: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is a time system originally referring to mean solar time at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London, which later became adopted as a global time standard. It is arguably the same as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and when this is viewed as a time zone the name Greenwich Mean Time is especially used by bodies connected with the United Kingdom, such as the BBC World Service,[1] the Royal Navy, the Met Office and others particularly in Arab countries, such as the Middle East Broadcasting Center and OSN. It is the term in common use in the United Kingdom and countries of the Commonwealth, including Australia, South Africa, India, Pakistan and Malaysia, as well as many other countries in the Old World.

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