Blaino Says Be Watchful 10-9-12

10-9-12 Fresh: For all those that have continued to try and say for the last several months that Maliki is on his way out, etc. I’ve always maintained he’s not going anywhere. Maliki was never in danger of getting a “no confidence vote.” He was installed and supported by the USA, nobody will touch him without our consent. Meanwhile we have the crew setting up preparation for the National Conference, finalizing HCL and getting things lined up for Maliki to finally give the stamp of approval. This is all very coordinated right now. I’m sure the key political figures from Iraq are WELL aware of when they have to get these things satisfied or risk huge consequences

10-9-12 Blaino: Prime Minister Maliki agreed to a National Conference. Implementing Arbil appears to be the only way to get all the different blocks together at the same table and that fact may just be the one thing that gets the Arbil agreement over the last hurdle!

Good guys win! That means us! Our parliament watchers and lurkers report that it’s essentially the same as the draft proposal from 2007 and the work consists of a few changes in a few areas that might well have been unforeseen a few years ago.

I had moved Planet/Dinarian back to “Dinaricon Alert Level 4 last week, then brought us back to 5…where we remain watchful, hopeful and wary of the “rumors!” Some are concerned that people wont think that there would be enough $to back the dinar, most of the collected dinar is already destroyed, there will be plenty of $$.

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