Blaino Says By High Noon Monday 3-16-13

high noonMax says, “Are you feeling lucky punk? Go ahead Blaino, make my day!”

Blaino: q: is this ever going to reval? Blaino: a: YES… And soon!

Blaino: q: will ‘it’ happen this month? moneydr: What do you mean by soon? Blaino: a: should, yes!

Blaino: q: what the heck went wrong, i/we/they thought it was supposed to happen yesterday?

Blaino: a: the short answer is “politics!”… Hey, you don’t want to read IT…. I don’t want to type IT…. So, like the rest of us, me included… Deal with it, it’s reality

Blaino: q: now what?

[rotormech35] Blaino: a: there is a “drop dead” moment whereupon foreign interests will remove the matter to another ‘jurisdiction’, the result of which will be negative in it’s effect on all things american! So, we need the immigrant golfer to …. Do his j o b !!!! In the event of this contingincy… There will be no joy in muddville, travel may become more required…. Than considered…

Blaino: we “ought” to KNOW… I say “ought” to KNOW… By or before high noon monday!

Blaino: i wish there were some sweet, rose colored, sugary sweet plums i could feed YOU…. But this is how it is, where we STAND…. So, again, for a short TIME…. We watch! :

Wildflower11: Blaino, does this have anything to do with Lew going to China, and O being in the sandbox?

Blaino: Wildflower11 private speculation may be better rewarded than a public soap BOX….

[Blaino: This may come down to the “wire” as far as being forced by another entity

Blaino: U.S. banks are READY

Moonstar: so it will be Monday at high noon or else…

Blaino: I really hope it doesnt come down to the or else, could be bad

Blaino: No truth in this thing starting in China already.

Blaino: Developing a contingency in case travel is needed for exchange

Blaino: TennOkay no, i have always said on calls and news letters “no travel required”… Now that may be changing… If it does, we have a contingincy plan coming together as soon as TUESDAY…. We work, you watch!

Blaino: here’s an IDEA… (based on the fact that 96% of all the things we worry about never happening)…. Let’s rest tonight, and see what tomorrow evening at 8:30 central time brings!

Blaino: worry is like HOPE…. Neither is a very effective strategy… I recommend a more realistic, action based approach!

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  1. Titus Greenwood March 17, 2013 at 11:08 am #

    I think you Dudes is smoking dope! Why would the Central Bank of Iraq REVALUE their currency and make a whold lot of folks RICH at their expense? What will keep the Central Bank of Iraq declaring that all that funny money they sold to us GI’s and others as worthless? What’s in it for them, to REVALUE? I don’t see a thing for the Iraqis.

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