Blaino – Standby For Breaking News 12-8-12

[Blaino] standby::::::::::::::::::: possible major breaking news!!!!!! Information in a few minutes! pandaexpress and texastom(okie’s smarter brother) are on this as we READ…. in the EVENT…. We will go to the phones to illuminate the facts for all!!

[Blaino] iqd “MAY”….. “may” now be tradeable…. We are on top of that issue NOW…. Hope this is not “SMOKE”…. no price changes so FAR… $3.22 (iqd) and $.29 (vnd) showing and with a ust HOLD…. In the executive end of the foreign currency div of a MAJOR BANK.

Blaino] ok, we attempted a trade where the rates are showing, no joy YET… We are also hearing from the pandaexpress that “they” say that this is the NIGHT…. I cannot yet say whether we are building this house on sand or STONE… But as soon as the foundations of this are examined, i’ll be back! Again, we are making a diligent effort to bring the truth and nothing but the TRUTH….. “just the facts, mam!” i had due cause to elevate us back to dinaricon level 5 the other day and this days movements are evidence of the SAME….

Do not make any permanent decisions about your future or the like at this time, do not quit your job, etc. On this news as it now stands… However, know that running bthe emotional roller coaster is not our idea of a joke, and we, like you have a lot at stake both emotionally and figuratively…. So continue to be the best members that any site ever had, reward yourselves for fortitude and consistincy! More as we develop it

[vestette] Is this true,what Blaino said

[Capt Ron] If it is, we be done.
goin4broke] winalot hey hope all is well with u. Any good info? Or is it still smokey??

[winalot] goin4broke hack cough cough… smoke??? lol

[winalot] vestette not that i can find anywhere as of yet

[goin4broke] winalot not the answer i was looking for. But true as you are it was good.

[vestette] winalot, thank you

[RindsGuy] winalot It’s probably hard to see with all the smoke


[JstBringIt] I am still wondering how long gold can stay within $10 of 1700 and Silver can stay within a quarter of $33……. Those are the numbers that Studley said we needed to look for a few months ago. Anyone else noticed that for the last couple of days? Basically the graphs are flatlined! Grin

[JstBringIt] Hmmmm apparently the gold/silver is a touchy subject. I’ve mentioned each day since it flatlined and gotten no responses yet……… Anyone???

[pappyy] JstBringIt IMHO precious metal markets are manipulated just like stocks, especially given the world economy and it’s volatility

[JstBringIt] pappyy Yeah, I agree completely….but I remember Studley saying when we saw them his those numbers, then we could start looking for it…..they’ve been there for the last 4 days…. 🙂

[Jeff] pappyy oh you are so good very wise owl you are

[JstBringIt] Jeff what do you think about gold and silver flatlining at 1700 and 33 respectively? Any input?

[Jeff] JstBringIt adjusting to market value that is all markets dictate valuations based upon supply and demand along with other key indicators. I suggest after the first these metals will go much higher.

WCW] Jeff hello can this baby pop now are do we wait on the UN TO UP DATE

[Jeff] WCW do not know

noway37] heres a thought.. just my thought… if the PTB was so worried about this site and whats said.. dont ya think they would either.. hurry up and get it done so more IQd and VND didnt make it out to the public which would leave more for them.. OR they help pump it up to get ya to buy more to line their pockets and will do so as long as it keeps makin them money?? just my thoughts

[2012jesus] here is the truth ,not on guru or intel preson had all the cards ,,just bits and pieces ,,,every day looks better and better ,,,but for the past few weeks or days we are very very close ,,,how close is the ? but looks like this month yes ,but do we have all the facts ,,,

[noway37] 2012jesus the only ones that has all or most of the facts is the ones at the top controlling this.. all others its just bits and pieces and guess work til it happens no matter what year it is

[Princess M] I wish someone could explain something to me…Is it Iraq, China, US (O), IMF, or PTBS that is holding this up? OR is it the Global Reset is not ready? I get so tired of guru’s new and old saying things, then changing there minds or saying others have no ideal of what they are talking about!!!!!

[noway37] Princess M no one can really tell ya that for sure, cause no one really knows the whole 100% truth

[ [mbillions] Princess M That’s why it’s important to stay calm and balanced… no one really knows EVERYTHING about this event… you just have to put the pieces together and pray for discernment… happy happy

[Maryrose] Princess M OR everytime you hear or read anything, just say to yourself “Isn’t that interesting” and let it at that.

[Princess M] It is very hard to put the pieces together when NO ONE has the correct box of pieces

[noway37] Princess M if anyone says they know for sure.. thats bs cause no one is sitting in the meetings and knows for 100% sure.. unless thay have sit in on the meetings would they know and why would they be here sharing that?? people are tryin to piece together things from what they read and hear, and they are giving us their best thoughts on this.. they are tryin to read between the lines and thats a very hard thing to do.. not sayin its a bad thing.. just sayin thats what is goin on IMHO

[mbillions] Princess M I didn’t say they were not correct pieces… but do your best to enjoy the ride…

[noway37] and they are giving us their best thoughts on this.. they are tryin to read between the lines and thats a very hard thing to do.. not sayin its a bad thing.. just sayin thats what is goin on IMHO

[noway37] Princess M just remember .. the real proof will be that email tellin ya how to cash out and where to call.. that will be the real truth no matter what

jyburt] everybody just hang in there i do believe we are really close

[redhead1] isn’t it getting late in Iraq (after 5pm) and today is a holiday – if Iraq does have any say over this – it should happen soon but I do not have the expertise to know if they will announce tonight or who they will notify – if there are 195 countries in the basket – the media should announce

[prissynell] I think the media knows squat

[noway37] prissynell the media only runs stories they get the ok to run.. even if they knew anything would try run it if they thought they would make high ups mad?? no they wouldnt


[BOBGETZ6] There is a lot of seemingly guru posturing, with breaking news, and the TK chats, etc., etc. Even if this RV is done and under wraps seemingly, it is not done for us until we get codes. I tire of the constant any moment or rates, dates etc.

[peganded] BOBGETZ6 i like to hear from all sides, the rumors seem very upbeat

[BOBGETZ6] peganded The rumors, IMO, have always seemed to be upbeat.

[Capt Ron] The rumors really are good lately though.

[Capt Ron] hub was saying just a day or so ago that an Iraqi source was optimistic.

Capt Ron] Have you heard from him since (indirectly)?

[hub] Correct from in country, No but will call

[BOBGETZ6] Well, if Ki Moon from the UN successfully got it wrapped up and 7 released, the info is still under wraps.

[Capt Ron] Someone quote Jim DeMint as having recently said….that the USA has “some money coming in soon”…..words to that effect.

[winalot] Capt Ron yes he did…

[winalot] Capt Ron arrrrrr

[Capt Ron] and Sen. DeMint ain’t running for reelection.

[hopeful2&2] jim demint said they would be having money coming in before the end of the year, and there would be no reason to raise taxes

[Capt Ron] arr getting closer I think.

[jtolsn] one day closer

[ [Capt Ron] But political actions continue, so we’re closer in a real sense of the word.

[hub] Man at local cafe is from syria. ask him if he knows anything about dinar .he said he knows it is coming back up but all me knows they are very wealth country. He said this is a very good investment. Also said Syria lira was at .30 now at 1500 to1 but wlll go back up soon as country settles


[nolaspice] You do know what would have happened if it had been three wise WOMEN instead of men, don’t you? They would have asked for directions, arrived on time, helped deliver the baby, cleaned the stable, made a casserole and brought disposable diapers as gifts!


[Papa Bear] SHHH

[crossways] Papa Bear why are we whispering?

[Papa Bear] Secrets abound for u see Santa Claus is coming to town

[nolaspice] okay for that we will all ssshhhhhhh

[crossways] Papa Bear Woooooooooo HOooooooooo!!!! I knew he was coming early 😉 shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh He knows when we are awake!

[crossways] quick!!!! close your eyes everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[crossways] shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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