Blaino Update 7-8-12

7-8-2012 Blaino: The work week in the sandbox has RESUMED. The clock also ticks and the future comes like a ribbon of highway at ninety miles an HOUR. Blink and you’ll miss something! This is the environment we are in, the quickening of the DINAR.

I am informed that these last two ministers are now subject to some kind of ISSUE. They may have been “place holders” kind of like when the dentist inserts a space maintainer when you have a missing tooth for AWHILE. It holds the spot, prevents collapse yet is not a workable tooth really.

There is some small movement on ‘candidates’ and selections, ETC. Thing is this a sham to “go public” with the two that are already ensconced or a genuine effort to install a new pair? If it’s the latter, then this may be a reflection of political underpinnings being changed over a shift in real power vs. perceived POWER. Could this be the precursor to the arbil agreement getting some teeth?

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