Blaino Update – At The Brink 11-28-12

11-27-12 blaino: tomorrow may be the fulcrum upon which our future turns, rejoice and be glad of it. i am with much knowledge, the telling of which must await the fullness of time and the turning of the markers but this is the sum of that which can be shared:

those who know, say that we are indeed upon the brink in many ways, the follower may become the leader, the value of the follower, once become the leader is ten fold the expected, and opens the game! the leader if converted to the follower will be restored to former position and be increased in a small way for the time spent chained.

think on this and the unmentionable truth will be revealed to you, but query not in a public way on this, else all may be lost! be still and think, for the purpose for acquiring knowledge is to use that knowledge to think.

you are closer than you may know to the pinnacle of the promise. consider all of this in silence and gather your strength, such as you concieve it to be, focus that upon the goal and accept what comes your way, even now.

i think we will see it very soon, not after the 1st of january! watch out for confiscatory rates (taxes)! way better than iqd for increase in value!!!

the vnd has been sitting at 2.08 to the usd off and on all day today and yesterday. that means that last week you got 20,755 vnd to one usd. now you get 2.08516 vnd to one usd or about 48 cents and change for each vnd. way better than iqd for increase in value!!!

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