Blaino Update – Sip Your Hopium 2-18-13

Blaino: There is some stuff thru the night from the “architect”…. We need to let the clock tick a little… Tomorrow could be the best time for ‘our eyes to see’ this thing in a public WAY…. Some circles initially thought they may be blessed before the masses, this will not be done, the ladle dips only one time for each to DRINK……. so, the second DIP… Or “double dip” is not too likely. Be blessed as you deserve, but try not to drink the next mans SHARE.

Blaino: now, we are told our eyes will see on Tuesday and we may also have unprecedented… Announcements on Tuesday as WELL… Not of the rv kind, but indirectly directly related in a strong WAY… A roadblock may be starting to get moved out of the WAY…. there could very well be a bit of a shakeup at the top of the pile that gets very public when justice John speaks on TUESDAY…. Remain open MINDED…. Read and think, ask not for details as the truth is out there.

Blaino: once that is accomplished, we may find the red carpet unrolling on Wednesday…. So, the virtue (patience) needs to be your ‘marker’ for a short time yet as situations and events unforseen, yet oft longed FOR… Unfold at last and the rust falls away to reveal, once again, “the thousand lights” Ron told us about … Not so long ago.

Blaino: perhaps that which was lost has been found AGAIN…. And mebby, just MEBBY… I’ll be able to speak a lil more clearly in FUTURE…. One can only hope!

Blaino: so, take a sip of hopium, and pass the bottle on!

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