Blaino with Talabani Update 1-8-13

[Precious] Blaino: there is a lot of stuff out there about “this week!” and “tomorrow”… Isn’t there always… But this time, there may be a lil more substance to it than in times gone by! This is the sense many have as things are gathering the speed and compression that i began to speak of some months ago, the quickening! Remember?

Blaino: i told everyone we would see the speed of events, news and generally a compression of all things dinar related as the time of fullness drew close!

Blaino: it seems that that time is inexorably bearing down on us and there is much to see and read, hear and tell about the “RV”…. The issue is, where is truth in this? Is talibani dead or not? Well, lets discuss that for a FEW…..

Blaino: if he was, would it not be all over the news as funeral arrangements were done and the vp (smokeyjoe) was dispatched to make his appearance as the representive of the usg, but we hear only a deafening silence where all that is concerned….

Blaino: i think this week “may” be memorable … “if” some part of the stuff i’ve had come in is true!

Blaino: Retired Kennypth & everyone…. There is supposed to be some fast movement on the finalization this week, and the friday to monday time frame has been bandied about for 2 weeks NOW… We can hope, trying to get confirmation with unconnected sources has been really tough the last 6 or 8 WEEKS…

Blaino: Julie31358 no comment on DELTA… Been told he is in iraq too many times, then found out it’s “iraq” canada… That and an abominable track RECORD…. I guess he will have to be right about something at some POINT… Law of averages?

Blaino: it now appears that talibani is indeed DEAD… Since friday MORNING…. “they” are keeping it under WRAPS…

Blaino: jam777 the last few working days, it has gone to a flashing dashed line where the rate was, still no ust hold or any kind of HOLD…. Same for VND…. Very interesting!

Blaino: once a rate drops IN…. We are off to the bank with last years dried up hot dogs that we were saving for the parking LOT…. Hey, we all just want to fit IN…. OOPS… That was “last YEAR”… Last year

Blaino: i have been in conversation with several of our better contacts…. Here is the gist: there is a guarded optomism in baghdad that we are teetering on the BRINK…. Wobbling. I was quick to remind our people that we have been wobbling a long long time! The concurrence was that “this feels different”… So, if we live on feelings… We ought to be very excited! I try not to let enthusiasm run off with ME…. But even i feel … Different. (for whatever that’s worth) there does seem to be something happening re: the 000 notes and their being changed, recalled PERHAPS…. As some of our own large denominations were, but they are still viable as money.

Blaino: also, there will be some release over the talibani matter, baghdad seems to want to hold that one close to the vest for NOW… He was the pacifier for the trigger happy KURDS… And maliki is scared of them (HINT… They have semi automatic rifles!!! Getting a hint now?)

Blaino: Kevdriver our contacts have their own sources and connections… It comes all the way down the line from the point of it’s origin in the halls of parliamint and the finance ministry…. But they long ago gutted the leakers and it’s tough to get anything NOW….

Blaino: either tough or the penalties are too stong to allow too much to get OUT… Remember, they do not have the freedom that we have to discuss or the safety from their own government….

Blaino: i’m now watching the next 4 to 9 days very CLOSE…. Apparently, the rumors we all heard (didn’t you?) about a substantial change in our government, a return to the original constitutional form from the corporate form that roosevelt instituted back in the early 1930’s … Anyway, i am getting more and more assurance that it’s all true! If so, action is the watch WORD…. We have all had enough of waiting!

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