Bluedog Chat 9-29-12

9:08 PM [michigander0131] Parliament examining the modified tariff law 09/29/2012 12:00 am An ad hoc committee for «morning»: Legislation freedom of expression Ready to vote The government agreed recently on a bill to postpone the application of tariff law at check conditions applied statement issued by the Council of Ministers.

Source continued: he will be “the first reading of a proposed law regulating the duration of the work designated agency, and the second reading of the proposed law to prevent coercion Iraqi to change nationality, as well as the second reading of the draft law on freedom of expression and of assembly and peaceful demonstration sponsored by the Legal Committee and the Commission on Human Rights and the Commission on Security and Defense and the Committee on Culture. ”

9:08 PM [bluedog] planning and promise that the project will be carried out before 2013
9:09 PM [bluedog] Tarriffs Tarriffs wooooooohoooooo bring it on think they are getting ready at the border ports today

9:10 PM [yabba dabba] bluedog bring it on is right…yabba dabba do

9:11 PM [michigander0131] impact on the currency market in Iraq by increasing demand for the dollar, while announced the Economic Commission representative that the price of the Iraqi dinar rise against the U.S. dollar soon, as will exchange the $ 100 b 117 thousand and 900 dinars, and will set the price by the CBI, said the Commission’s decision MP Khalil Mahma that the Finance Committee and other committee in the House of Representatives with the central bank, to determine the price of the dollar against the Iraqi dinar, During the meeting, stressed the need for stability dollar per versus 1179 dinars

9:11 PM [yabba dabba] i forgot about the tariffs but they need to be in place..amen

9:11 PM [michigander0131] yabba dabba yes that is part of it

9:13 PM [bluedog] michigander0131 there was a article I saw did not save but the prices at the border increased on goods I think thats what I read Truck Drivers sitting not happy back logged

9:14 PM [michigander0131] could be it is getting harder and harder for them to pay for stuff//of coarse they do pay in US dollars but inflation is killing them

9:14 PM [bluedog] I will have to find that and read it better

9:15 PM [bluedog] Last nite I put up a video showing USD and then Iraqi Coins was on Iraqi TV

9:16 PM [michigander0131] Date: Sunday 09/30/2012 07:31 AM  d. Appearance of Mohammed Saleh Signal the early development of economic thought that the wealth of nations is measured three elements: first, human capital and to invest in and raised him, The second element is hard social capital social overhead capital, which is divided into: economic capital or the so-called physical infrastructure that strong road networks And electricity and telecommunications, among others.

And leave the other part of the infrastructure to the so-called social capital and intended legal institutions, health and education, banking and others, as well as physical capital formation hard on the activities of the direct production of goods and services as factories and others.

While he finishes third element in the measurements wealth of natural resources and stockpiles, estimated in Iraq and the value of capital net probably more than $ 12 trillion thanks to reserves of oil wealth potential and untapped wealth and other material, which is more than twice the Australia if good investment indeed, while the those wealth in the United States, approximately 118 trillion dollars.

9:16 PM [bluedog] why would they show their coins with US dollars and quarter from US then Iraqi coins

9:17 PM [michigander0131] too show the citizens that they will have coins just like us and to get more support to use them when they bring them out on the streets

9:19 PM [bluedog] 39minutes and 30 seconds into taped broadcast…………..>>>>>>>>>>>> ··· -25-2012

9:20 PM [michigander0131] yes its a good video seen it the other day/ good stuff

9:21 PM [bluedog] michigander0131 something brewing

9:21 PM [michigander0131] yes i believe so im still thinking before end of year or we may just see it put out as a float and let market drive it up ] seems like articles lately from shabbibi have been suggesting that is what he would like to do

9:24 PM [bluedog] michigander0131 who knows

9:24 PM [michigander0131] bluedog NO one

9:25 PM [bluedog] I like that the people will start getting some oil revenue b4 2013

9:26 PM [michigander0131] bluedog yes i seen that /but have to wait and see remember they have said this before

9:26 PM [bluedog] I think all these Agreements were done they are just letting the Iraqi people think that they are working hard now

9:27 PM [michigander0131] i just wish they would follow thru with one thing they say and give a date for

9:27 PM [michigander0131] bluedog hmmm could be// cant say one way or the other

9:27 PM [bluedog] yes a Date and keep it well I will be back in later see you all later

9:28 PM [michigander0131] im out too been long day

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