Bluedog Chat at GET Says C-130s in Iraq Hmmm 10-11-12

[bluedog] The arrival of more than 200 contractors, including Farsi translators and Nuland emphasizes military cooperation with Baghdad 12 thousand U.S. troops on their way to Iraq…………………….temporarily based pending completion of many American forces scheduled to consist of up to More than 16 thousand soldiers

[bluedog] First of all if you read the full article……..Iraq has said they will not allow the US to wage war from their soil PERIOD………….knowing that lets think these big C-130s are bringing troops but what else ……..remember the last time they delivered the first Iraqi currency after the war……….they used 747 forget how many but it was huge military was already there……………get where Im going here they already have the armored vehicles that were delivered to move money wink ………………….these troops need to guard and watch certain things I think …………….. this delivery will be taken to secret places if it is what I think it maybe…………….and then from their to all the banks in Iraq

[yabba dabba] where are the troops in kuwait

[toni1960] bluedog woohoo1 amen

[yabba dabba] 35 747s

[bluedog] why are we sending in so many BIG PLANES hmmmmmmmmmmmm

[yabba dabba] they like big planes…?

[bluedog] well need the troops to be there and unload and GUARD

[bluedog] yabba dabba lol

[yabba dabba] getting crazy but i like it lol

[westf] bluedog the money honeylol

[bluedog] 12,000 troops for why Maliki said no to us waging from Iraq any type of military action against Syria or Iraq

[biker1113] is this delivery right now? i can’t get the link to open.

[bluedog] Talabani runs to the Emerald City (our embassy) as soon as Maliki leaves

[biker1113] lots of planes would make it hard to figure out which one has the supplies.

[bluedog] kissing up as do not get mad at us for buying Russian made Equipment

[susie] bluedog thanks

[bluedog] ok so T goes to embassy ………in this article it says that these troops will be in the Dawa area which is Malikis people ………….maybe they have plans to take him out and need that protect ……Just saying

[yabba dabba] i wonder how M is feeling right now….

[bluedog] or there in case they have too

[bluedog] yabba dabba maybe paranoid

[yabba dabba] how can they buy weapons when in chapt seven..or does that matter

[toni1960] bluedog is it true that shabibi is leaving

[bluedog] yabba dabba they can but why would Russia sell anything of importance if the US is going to be there and see it

[yabba dabba] bluedog bad deal…Ms deal i heard….that had to ticked some peeps off

[bluedog] toni1960 old articles but they re-ran them again not sure why they did that…………….CBI stands alone what laws that the GOI has Im not sure how they could do that

[toni1960] bluedog right thats true

[bluedog] the article about Shabibi Resigning is put out by Malikis Gooons

[alabamagal] wow.. alot of good reading … hi everyone

[bluedog] not by Shabibi do not believe

[alabamagal] I am on skype with my grandson in Qatar

[bluedog] Maliki was leaving and just wanted to cause Haveck while he is gone

[toni1960] bluedog right ,

[cjswest] good one bluedog

[bluedog] but M did not know T was running to the US Embassy either I bet

[yabba dabba] 19 minutes

[bluedog] so I am finnished here think about my theory maybe its something

[toni1960] cjswest lets just pray it stays exciting tonight tomorrow

[yabba dabba] i like it…very plausable imho

[bluedog] sorry missed the CC had to work

[toni1960] bluedog i think you therory is right

[westf] bluedog ty very much for all you bring to us

[toni1960] bluedog we understand

[yabba dabba] bluedog bluedog ty always enjoy youre take amen

[bluedog] yabba dabba yw

[bluedog] we sure are in confusing times and thats the way they want it

[toni1960] bluedog right to though us all off

[westf] bluedog they sure do and we sure are

[bluedog] these troops have a mission and its not to shoot at Iran or Syria

[toni1960] right

[alabamagal] bluedog confusing… surely not!!!

[cjswest] toni1960 prayin they are bringin this rv to fruition , bring it bring it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wooohoooo yeah baby

[bluedog] C130s hold Pallets real nice

[cjswest] oh ok, can we get excited now? 14 min left to pre rv party time ,

[bluedog] they did not come into Baghdad airport

[cjswest] lower lower ok wheels down, woohooo

[bluedog] middle of no where is where they landed

[toni1960] bluedog thats weired

[cjswest] woohooo

[bluedog] did not want alot of Iraqis to see this but they seen it in the news if they read it

[bluedog] last week they were denying these troops

[bluedog] in the news

[alabamagal] cjswest i got my disembarking pass ready..

[bluedog] the 4000 troops that first landed

[cjswest] alabamagal nice, my passport arrived last week, standing by here

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