Bluwolf Steps Down 5-28-13

Max says, “Whoa Bluwolf. What’s the hurry big fella? Are you splitting the scene because the “deal is done” or are you moving to greener pastures? Us dogs have to stick together.”

bluwolfGood afternoon all, there comes a time in a man’s life when one has to say hasta luego ( until we meet again ) I believe that that time has come to pass. But before I must say that everything that you’ve ever wish for is now within reach.

There are no glitches or inventions guaranteed, no holdups from any spooks whatsoever, the rates are what was mentioned to be so long ago. You will be treated with the upmost respects, the rates that will be furnished to you will be best of any bank, and the bank is the clearance bank for this rv.

Please be advised that this bank is Wells Fargo and that this bank is in the worlds best 50 banks list. Let me assure you that all is being driven in and that this pace shall continue until the end results ( your rv) are in and the announcement is out.

Make your wait a wealthy one, by now you should know what you will do for God and what route you will take from this afternoon on. Be bless now and thank you for letting me into your cyber space and into your hearts.

Let be known that my next message shall be my last. Bluwolf

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