BWM Chat at 3S’s Intel 10-17-12

oucrazy: BWM. . . . is Shabs in or out?

BWM: oucrazy consider this… Shabs is the GOVERNOR of the central bank of Iraq… which is an appointed position and not directly under the guidelines or supervision of the GOI… the GOI CAN delegate legislation in regards to the currency (as this directly related to the overall economic picture)

BWM: ok consider this.. everyone is sitting at the table ready to play nice and all we need is M’s sig to roll graciously into a “new” era of financial growth and development for Iraq… and he walks in and sits down (I’m not sure he actually sat down, forgive me for some creative latitude) and says… NO and gets up and walks out… now why do we keep getting these stories… is it really up to Iraq to decide this.. IMO NO.. so what you have is a guy who is already “labeled” the bad guy so what’s one more day of creating “drama” for everyone until he is told, “ok, everything is good, go ahead and sign off your power and collect your check”…

RidgeRatCmdr: BWM there will be a lot of peeps over there looking over their shoulders soon.

BWM: RidgeRatCmdr from another border…

oucrazy: BWM. . . we want the TRUTH!

BWM: oucrazy the truth is for me… that once I hear “everyone” say it’s going down tomorrow… I’m pretty sure it’s not happening that day

sandytob: BWM Hi…. Many are saying the Shabibi thing is not smoke. Do you think that’s a possibility. In fact BondLady has a large post in this forum about many ppl confirming it and claiming that Shabibi was slowing the RV and wanted an RD. Can you comment please?

BWM: sandytob been there done that…

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