BWM Chat at 3S’s Intel 4-11-12

[BWM] as of 10pm central there was no info in regards to an RV in Iraq… no rates showing in europe per any contacts that were referenced… This is regards only to rates showing on bank screens as “live”… there have been some rates showing as pending but that has happened a number of times so I can’t get excited about that… good news is that I did get some info from a contact about 10pm central that said they were expecting a system “software update” AFTER 1pm eastern… now whether that has any bearing on the RV, we won’t know til it’s done… I wouldn’t stay up waiting since we don’t know what time that will happen or IF it is part of it… it sure seems convenient but at the same time that would have started some 75 minutes ago and nothing has been seen yet… so again, take it that things are continuing to move and we’ll see this when it’s real and cashable…

[BWM] oops.. that should be 1AM eastern… sorry

[BWM] but I do hope everyone has a great rest of the evening, or start of the day depending on where you are… remember we’re just all here to share time til this thing hits… enjoy the company and hopefully you’ll learn something that will better prepare you for “THE NEXT LEVEL”…. haha

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