BWM Chat at 3S’s Intel 4-17-12

[sln1987] BWM Any good news today to lift our spirits?

[BWM] sln1987 I have nothing “negative” today… just some things that we are trying to track down on where some folks are and what relation those may have on the process and where we are… nothing says at this point it can’t still happen at any time going forward IMO

[aceman] BWM so you do not believe the rates have made it to the regional banks like some have said?

[BWM] aceman yes… but the program are showing on teller screens… regional screens cannot be seen below that level

[Capt Crunch] I mean, we had the Summit, the National Conference , this deadline etc… it makes one wonder if O isnt playing games to get reelected

[BWM] Capt Crunch been through that scenario… and while I could justify such an argument… I have actually spoken to an economist and we are passing the window of best opportunity for that to actually occur… I don’t think he has the power now with all the global situations in place…

[Capt Crunch] BWM I would agree that it’s much needed especially with the global economy but I think politicians just think about reelections and nothing else

[BWM] Capt Crunch it would take 6 months for the numbers to reflect in such a way that would benefit any voters swing in the polls (according to data gatherers) we are past the “ideal” time for that to occur but obviously things could be pushed… hey I am back for a few

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