BWM Chat at 3S’s Intel 5-19-12

[BWM] well reason 2590 that I don’t say some things in chat… it appears that some of the “bad news” of the day didn’t pan out…

[BWM] I’m still keeping tabs on that just in case… but the reasoning at least gives me hope it will not play a part in the big picture

[BWM] OH and BTW (that’s By the Way if you’re translating) if you have to come into a chat to post you’re NOT talking… um, you sort of defeat the purpose… just saying

[BWM] oh yeah… and if I have to give you permission to post… that’s prolly too late also

[punkin] Did you read Historian? BWM Too long but summary is not to say anything…………….go to Recaps and click on her name Historian

[BWM] punkin I got it… you just need to understand that certain ppl don’t like to be talked about…

[JOHNNYcashin] BWM do think we can see this RV this month?

[BWM] JOHNNYcashin I’m not giving up on that anywhere close yet

[JOHNNYcashin] so call gurus are saying we will see the RV this week! What your take on than? BWM

[BWM] JOHNNYcashin well tomorrow is the last day of the week on my calendar… SOOOO, kinda running out of time for that… but never give up hope on a day until it’s passed.. well, Friday’s out this week

[tiffany] BWM Does that mean the RV is pushed out much further now?

[BWM] tiffany not unless you driving a grader…

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