BWM Chat at 3S’s Intel 5-23-12

[BWM] I have done a lot of “catch up” reading today and I feel the need to say something in regard to “where we are” at the moment. Not necessarily in regards to the IQD but things in general. I hear, see and live many of the problems that some of you face every day.

I see the stories of loss both physically and financially and I hope you understand that while you come on these boards looking for hope and solice you need to understand that while the IQD and VND may answer some of your problems, some of the “routines” or “practices” that you have unless they change will not allow this opportunity to realize the full potential within your lives.

I don’t want this to turn into a sermon of a religious nature (I realize that many worship differently) but you need to understand that your “faith” cannot be in this solving your issues. I have days where my wife and kids say, “well are you going to be off the computer or phone today to do something?”

I do feel a tremendous loyalty to being here daily and trying to “solve” this whole thing BUT I also realize that nothing I do can possibly move this any faster and I have to step back and PRIORITIZE what IS important. Money will solve a lot of problems but “it won’t fix stupid” as I have heard a wise old man say once… Take time, do what you NEED to do for yourself AND YOUR FAMILY… NOW and in the FUTURE.

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