BWM Chat at 3S’s Intel 9-18-12

BWM: so it’s been one of those days information-wise again… it feels like I just bump the cabinet and try not to “tilt” the mechanism… how many times can someone tell you “there finally got all the signatures”, “hearing everything is in place” and of course “there’s nothing left to do”… apparently in my eyes I misunderstand.. cuz nothing means zero, nada, zilch…

wittsend: BWM Have you had the chance to read Bondlady’s post? If so, care to comment?

BWM: wittsend 2 problems with that question… I don’t have that much time to read all the copy and paste and two, it’s articles… and everything that means

BWM: ppl are looking at the next couple of days for things to happen… something to consider timing-wise and I don’t say this an answer just something to think about… if Maliki is in New York, and Shabibi is in london and Talabini is back in Iraq… what combination of “those” need to be in iraq when this happens… I don’t believe that Iraq needs to “do” anything but I do feel like there will be a certain combination of leadership that wants to be there when it happens in their country…

mamari4: BWM if someone wanted to stop it or cause problems or whatever…

BWM: mamari4 that’s the “reasoning” part that has to be considered… I don’t think we can really say right or wrong until it actually happens… but logically you’d think that at least Shabibi would want to be there when the CBI kicked over

mamari4: BWM I agree I would think he would want to be there too but nothing I think seems to be the case with this!

BWM: mamari4 there have been underlying issues all along that have been stated that needed to be dealt with… and I think there is escalation that does coincide but I can’t say it’s directly related every time…

dietcokeandice: BWM do you have a gut feeling that you will share

BWM: dietcokeandice as usual I’ve been given dates… as usual I take them with a grain of salt… and keep for looking for the real call

BWM: dietcokeandice I’ll pass along whatever I can…but at that point I’m guessing we’ll all know

dietcokeandice: BWM i remember you saying on time that you would be in front burning rubber all the way to the bank so —-maybe i will hear–see–you on the way

BWM: dietcokeandice yeah… like I said, I’ll pass is on… didn’t say I’d be the one here saying it…

dietcokeandice: BWM that is what im afraid of you will be jumping in your truck refff up and forget to tell ME

BWM: dietcokeandice It WILL get passed along… that I can promise

dietcokeandice: ok im so excited and can hardly wait for this to happen and see which one of the 2 school of thoughts was right

BWM: dietcokeandice again… my opinion is that it will all look correct at the same orchestrated moment…

BWM: dietcokeandice I’ll pass along whatever I can…but at that point I’m guessing we’ll all know

vote4rv: hey BWM I happened to listen to someone that suggested an end around the RV with an international release of the Dinar that would just free float to its rightful position in the world. While this is probably hog wash it got me to thinking about a float and how Iraq could buy on the way up… to pay for its own RV with the difference between where it is and where they plan to lock in. The difference and ability to get zeroes off the street could get a lot of desperation bites

BWM: vote4rv I had a discusson with a financial advisor other day… many are wondering why so many “rich” have not gotten involved with their money… most of that is in “hedge” type funds which cannot get involved until the dinar becomes a tradeable currency on the forex… so the idea of a float would fly into their plan… hedges buy in at say 1.5 and run it up and bail at 3.5 that a 2M profit on every mil transaction

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