BWM Q and A at 3S’s Intel 3-5-12

3sIntel BWM Question and Answer 9:26 PM CST 3-4-12

[codreamer59] BWM What’s your gut feel on how close we are to seeing this pop tonight? Do you think the UST can hold this up anymore? Thank you.

[BWM] codreamer59 again I try not to focus on a time… do I think it could happen tonight… YES absolutely… holdups are a part of any process… deal with them and continue moving forward

[chocolaterv] BWM so where are you in relations to what jonnywg posted regarding seeing this tonight?

[BWM] I’m looking for any good opportunity… no specific time or place… we’ll all know in a matter of seconds when this happens

[jclady] BWM are we looking at the banks, forex, cbi, for rate to show first..when it does. Thank you

[BWM] don’t focus on one… just know ppl are watching all over and wherever it shows we’ll know it

[shalala] BWM, Jonnywg and Studley seem confident that this may be coming tonight or tomorrow. Now see bank stories of possible preparation today for cash in tomorrow. What intel are you getting in this regard, and how likely do you believe it is that we may actually be at the bank in next 1-3 days?

[BWM] again, the information is all positive… it’s down to semantics and who get’s the last touch on the “button” at this point just show

[drpete] BWM Where do you think we stand as of this minute, right now?

[BWM] I’m seated… should I stand to answer?
[BWM] ok I’m still standing in the country… that about covers it

[linsbish] IYO…Do you feel the rate will come out high or low?
[broadriver] What is the latest and greatest intel and expectation?

[BWM] linsbish don’t care about rate… it won’t be a dime
[BWM] broadriver it’s not late for me yet… but I have great expectations.. why have any other

[faithdinar] Is there such a thing as an In Country RV? What about a Timer? Please be specific if possible.

[BWM] faithdinar specific is pointless… just something else to explain… can a country have a value placed on the currency (think, we value a dollar right, but to the rest of the world it’s not worth that… see currency exchange) and a timer… I think when it activates it will activate whether the computer determined the final time or not

[Indy_Joe] BWM knowing what you know, can you project, post RV where the world be in 6 months to a year

[BWM] I honestly think that will vary based on where you lived… and how many ppl have dinar and what they are willing to put into their communities and country once this is done. How many gas delivery drivers will be working who had dinar? and the grocery store clerk? things to consider are not just the gloom and doom some are pointing to with the crash of the markets…

I’m concerned about towns that 90% of residents own dinar and then all move away… what happens to those towns

[forerunner4777] BWM Since we’re hearing all these banks stories of training etc. today, I guess we should disregard that we were previously told that banks couldn’t/wouldn’t cash on a Monday? Or is that now out the window due to the emergent global need of this RV? Thank you

[BWM] Banks are ready… have talked to them myself… they are not happy and they will be ready regardless of the day

[superbiz01] Do U agree that the UST is now being “guided” to make this happen?
[BWM] I can only go by what I was told is that there are “visitors” around..

[artle01] BWM. Do you subscribe to the “double pop” theory? Higher rate to pull in the higher denoms( 000’s) then down to a more realistic rate?)

[BWM] artle01 we shall see… prepare for all suggested circumstances and just be ready

[LINDEEE] BWM… Will we ever know the full story of what prevented the RV from happening in a timely manner? Will the players ever be revealed (good guys and bad guys)?

[BWM] LINDEEE there are things recorded and such.. how much of that becomes public I guess goes to the person with the guts to print it

[Dancing Bear] BWM do you believe the NWO gang has been the hold up and why
[BWM] Is that a wrestling group?

[BWM] I don’t hold much in the conspiracy theories… sorry, just too much situations that get handled the old fashioned way around here to go with that

[TxinCa] BWM thank you for your earlier post. I agree with you 100%. Just tell us when it shows on the bank srceen.

[BWM] you’ll see it somewhere…. regardless of who is first…. we’ll all get to the bank

[ladylocator] Do you feel that Dinar Banker rates will be higher or lower than banks?
[BWM] possibly lower

[a bad hair day] I’m here in Henryville where all the tornados came thru. Just got electicity. I guess I didn’t miss anything or did I?

[BWM] having lived through a couple of twisters dancing down my street when we lived in Indiana, my prayers go out to you… and welcome back

[wyodinar] BWM Studley said to watch to see currency changes the split between the usd and iqd changed from 1154.74 at 4pm mst to 1144.74 now. is that enough to show the shift is on?

[BWM] movement is not unusual… we want the decimal to move a few spots to the left

[ekay] BWM .. IYO .. Are there bad guys that have stalled this RV , are they being arrested and will we see anything reported in the news?

[BWM] have you seen anything on actual news stations/sites or just blogs… be careful where you look for news.. while it may be skewed it contains facts on the legitimate sites… others are opinions based on a fact

[forerunner4777] BWM Do you still see a devalue ahead for the dollar post RV? If yes, what’s the best currency IYO to get into post RV?

[BWM] regardless of what happens to the dollar there are ways to increase your US holdings… see a professional and ask them about your options… using other currencies has it’s pros and cons, make sure it fits into your plans and you don’t get burned… remember, money sitting in the bank is still there until you take it out… how long before you need it vs. the value of it when you do

[top_gun] BWM Please stay seated! Should we be getting prepared for something?
[BWM] always be prepared… watchful is more what I’m suggesting… not consumed

[faithdinar] BWM Your In Country RV answer was not an answer. But, I may have asked wrong. Did Iraq have an In Country RV within the past 3 weeks as has been broadcasted by various guru’s? Thanks for being you. Good balance.

[BWM] faithdinar I did not have evidence of it when most called it last week… at least what I was looking for… hence the constant reminders that night to continue to watch. I think they could change their value merely because they are hours ahead of us and would have a full business day advantage on the world if they so desired… but I certainly am not concerned about an “in country” rv since I don’t live in their country…to be internationally traded I need to see it HERE

[superbiz01] Is Iraq now finished with its requirements for a RV IYO ??? We keep hearing ministers, meetings etc to make the rv happen still
[BWM] they are a scapegoat for the world right now IMO… having to hold things that we know are done merely to accomodate the world’s schedule

[jc1958] Why are the banks not happy? Lots of money in it for them, no?
[BWM] because they have been told too many times it’s happening

[jclady] BWM it has been said that those who only have a small amount of dinar will be seeing some great oppertunities to grow their smaller investment…your thoughts please. Thank you.

[BWM] those with smaller amounts I surely hope are very careful… these are the ones that ppl will prey on because they will buy into the “make more” schemes and possibly lose all they have.. the less you have PLEASE the more careful you MUST be

[jdod2012] Bwm dont you think at times too much intel coming from too many providers is counter productive? Could it be more effective if at times like this you select one provider to call it and everyone keep quiet since all this almost stuff or we feel were close is pointless. Imo.

[BWM] I honestly don’t mind if ppl are giving their opinions as to why they believe it’s happening.. ppl are clamoring over info right now.. but I think in the big scheme of things ppl just need to know if it can happen right now or not… we all know that certain details can’t be shared.. but at least give me your opinion as to why it will or won’t happen then

[Guyduty] LINDEEE They’ll probally make a movie about it 10 years from now.
[BWM] it won’t wait that long

[RCM] BWM several people think we are ready to see this happen. Given the fact that we thought that last Dec, Jan, Feb., is there something specific that makes you feel we WILL see it this time?
[BWM] valid question…

[BWM] RCM there is so much going on with ALL the countries right now that makes this a priority to get done… I have said for months this is not about just Iraq any more.. hasn’t been for some time… if you think of all the needy countries right now and the master players you understand this is a paramount event

[sandytob] I thought that the BIS were finishing up the job that the UST did not get done so it is no longer in the hands of the UST.

[BWM] we’ll know whether they got done by tomorrow now won’t we… I was told last sunday a range of a couple of days for the budget in iraq to be opened… now that the puppet strings are being pulled again we’ll see if that comes to fruition this week I hope

[truckerbabe67] BWM btw… im a gas delivery driver by trade! and nope i do not plan on going back
[BWM] see… told you so…

[alohadinar] BWM What is your feeling as to how long the initial rate will hold after the RV for us to be able to cash in ?
[BWM] we have scenarios based on the initial rates.. we expect to be able to give more judgement once it actually shows… again, we have asked everyone to stand by and let’s see this first then breath and go from there

[Squirrelcheeks] Will we all be informed about the “bid on a date with Studely” charity? And when it will take place and where?
[BWM] wow.. that’s a new one… yeah uh I’ll have to get back to you on that one…

[boomer1110] a bad hair day Best of luck and prayers to you and your community
[BWM] this is why I shave my head… yes sir those days are gone… well except every 3-4 days when I have to shave again

[forerunner4777] BWM How long to you expect the bank packages to be posted on 3S or any other chat room? Before or after the banks open for business tomorrow?
[BWM] within 24 hours of live rate.. not to say it couldn’t be sooner but safely

[heisel] Do you feel this will be our last weekend without an RV?
[BWM] heisel I’d like to be like some and just throw a big YES out there but honestly after hearing me state what I think is obvious that seems truly hypocritical to me… some haven’t picked up on that yet

[TrishD] BWM, I heard on Friday that several countries had pulled thetrigger on the RV…do you buy into that or has it been debunked?
[BWM] I’m not there.. and I have heard many of those comments… I think tomorrow will tell us all a lot..

[oldcajun5] BWM I sure wish I had muscles like you. After it RVs how long do you think until we can cash-out?
[BWM] as quick as your bank can open the doors…
[BWM] or if you know someone… before..

[tammy] bum…i just read your post on the forums…i’m in total agreement, but when u try to question or dig a little on the site, often we are pegged as whiners, complainers or negative. ty for your frank and honest outlook, i’m sure it reflects the prospective of many, it was refreshing to read.

[BWM] I want to say this… I realize it’s hard to sit in and watch some of the things said here and other chat rooms every single day.. day after day… and no results.. please understand that most are doing what they feel is the best they can do to bring you the information that they have attained… my problem is twofold..

first, sometimes the presenters have lost focus of the reason for presenting the information to you for YOUR benefit….

secondly, some have the NEED to be heard by you and have praised heaped upon them to get thru the day… either way…

I’m all in favor of YOU asking the questions in a respectful, tactful manner so as not to put someone on the defensive but merely to understand why they believe what they believe and I think that’s fair…

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