BWM – The RV Can’t Go Past Tomorrow 3-31-12

12:49 AM [BWM] you know… things that I have learned from this investment:

1) never believe anyone that says “it can’t go past tomorrow”

2) apparently we have moved back to B.C. (before Christ) time zones cuz any second now doesn’t mean the same as I remember

3) apparently I missed way more excuses when I failed to turn in homework in school cuz i’ve heard some I never thought of back then

4) apparently at some point, a dog will eat my dinar
Max says, “Hey, I resemble that remark!”

5) you can RV on a weekend you just can’t say it won’t go past one

6) “nuff” is apparently a word that means continually or never ending

7) did anyone actually think it would go this long when they decided on their screen names

8) would anyone actually name anything “okie” or dinar something once this is over as a reminder

9) patience is not a virtue, it is a way of life

10) you will exhibit redneck qualities once you cash in whether you are from the south or not….

12:49 AM [TexasT] Petrotex thats great,,,I just want to Thank you for the words of encouragment. I have been down,,,lately,,and we know your apple doesnt fall far from the tree on info…so thanks in advance,,,I just wish it would be this weekend

12:50 AM [BWM] sorry… but I was just gonna do three and got carried away…ha ha

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