BWM’s Chat Posted at 3s – Late Mon Evening

[taildragger] 11:47 PM [BWM] I have great respect for many that search the articles and news stories for information in regards to this RV…. but like intel, news stories are controlled by a media that only tells you what they want you to know or opinion they want to share… news is another medium, along with information that is shared that we must piece together to try to find the best answers to our questions..

11:52 PM [BWM] hearing there were complications during the last 24 hours that were resolved… so we wait to see how this affected the timing of things as they continue to move forward… still looking for this in all the obvious times and places

11:53 PM [boomer1110] BWM Would it be accurate to suggest there was a bank involved in the delay??

11:53 PM [BWM] boomer1110 nope.

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