Cap1 Chat Fri AM 1-27-12

tdv75098] ..CAP1 I was also informed there are no hold ups with Iraq. They need this badly. It is in the hands of the IMF and needs to be completed ASAP. Christine Legard is trying to push it through. One of the forces that was holding it up was moved out of the way and the others issues should be resolved.

1:20 AM [CAP1] I just received some very positive news. If I wasn’t so sleepy I would be dancing… Be encouraged folks. It is coming soon and be sure to add Christine Legard to your Christmas list. That’s all I can say.

1:34 AM [cap1] can’t share specifics now. But i would pack my bags if i were you. This has gone from hoping it will to it’s here and we need to be smart and execute our plans.

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