Cap1 Post at 3S’s 1-17-12

8:01 PM [DBF] CAP1 how does it look very very good compared to all the other times please
8:01 PM [CAP1] DBF 10 of 10 in my book based on what I’ve read and heard.

8:12 PM [CAP1] pack your bags! Mine is already packed!!

8:12 PM [ChaChaRichSquirrel] CAP1 for real?

8:12 PM [rolltide] CAP parked ready to RV Baby…..BAM!!!1

8:12 PM [CAP1] Shipcomingin -YES

8:12 PM [ChaChaRichSquirrel] CAP1 nothing to stop it?

8:12 PM [CAP1] ChaChaRichSquirrel –YES

8:12 PM [Shipcomingin] CAP1 seriously?’

8:13 PM [CAP1] Shipcomingin -double pinky promise!!

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