CBI is Ready Says Mountain Goat 11-6-13

mgoatHello all- just got an update from mnt goat and I’d thought I’d pass it along to the dinarian community here on TNT. I am so excited I can barely write this post.

Mountain Goat: Hi Everyone,

Guten Tag Dinarians. I will make this update brief.

Today all sources in Iraq have nothing but very good news.

The CBI is planning to bring up their new site and post new rate for final activation of their currency international.

I have been told this will occur between sometime early Thursday morning and late Friday night.

I have converted to eastern standard times already for USA folks. As you know I have said this many times in past that this is the final step to RV process of their currency.

The final steps and process is now in play and if all goes well we might be at the banks within 48 – 96 hours from the time of this post.

As you know I cannot guarantee what I am hearing is 100% accurate but these sources have been spot on each and every time so far.

Everyone in the CBI and the Finance ministry in Iraq seem very, very optimistic and I myself have never been more excited.

Could this really finally be over?

As I have said many times in past letters and posts no one knows the date or rate so let us all pray that my intel sources are now correct and we can finally have our blessing and rest after this long stressful journey.

Peace and Luv to ya,

mnt goat

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