Chat Updates This Morning 3-9-12

[Asells] 8:09AM CST: 3sIntel [DinarWishes] Guys, I am being told we are just waiting for this to show…Also that it could show at any time…so, there really won’t be much for intel until we get a better idea of where we are and I’m not sure we will get that information

9:34 AM [Studley] I am fine, there are lots of rumors spread everywhere, still working, not anything wrong, I am just as frustrated as you all, I believe we are very close, but certain issues are still prevelent that I can’t talk about

[Studley] I will give you a hint, they found a ton of issues with the systems last nite, that is why this is extremely hard to predict, they might do another test run and find more problems, no one knows, however, the fact that they are testing the system so heavily is a great sign, they are also other strategies that are being played out as we speak…. I am not getting specific because it is IN YOUR BEST INTEREST that I, nor anyone else that is in the know talks about it….

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